Our Mission

We want to help all Americans reach better financial stability, using artificial intelligence and data science.

Banks offer increasingly complicated products that often don’t serve the best interests of consumers. Hidden fees, teaser rates, obtuse terms. Bright acts on your side to identify the best way to manage your money, without needing to do the work. The outcome is more control, fewer worries about your finances and more money for you.

The Team

Founded by ex Amazon, McKinsey and YC Alum, Bright brings the power of data science to consumers.

Petko Plachkov


Avi Patchava


Varun Modi


Alex Seyfert

Head of Product

Who we are

People over profits

Bright was started by Avi Patchava and Petko Plachkov when they realized how expensive credit cards are for users.

Avi a data scientist by background saw a massive opportunity to take his learnings from AdTech and machine learning to consumer finance.

Petko previously started an innovative FinTech in London helping commuters save on their trip to work. Avi and Petko teamed up in 2019 to build Bright.