How Bright uses AI

Your Bright Plan is built on a new, patented system of 34 algorithms developed by experts from all over the world and tested by over 55,000 users. We call the system MoneyScience™.

AI adds convenience and decision-making

AI is an integral part of MoneyScienceTM, and it’s what makes your Bright Plan different. The AI in MoneyScience™ helps us learn more about you and how to calculate the best ways to save you money. AI also helps your Bright Plan make payments automatically for you.

You may not think about it, but the convenience and decision-making that makes your Bright Plan really hum is thanks, in part, to AI.

AI enables more personalization

AI is transforming personal finance. With Bright, it helps us learn about your financial life and how you use money. That helps your Bright Plan make more personalized recommendations. It tells us when your needs and goals shift, so we can adjust too.

As your Bright Plan learns about you, analyzing your habits and your goals, we can see more options that are tailored to you - more ways to clear your debt faster, build more savings and invest in a future that’s all yours.