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Frequently asked questions

What is Bright?

Bright is the new way to manage your money, leveraging the power of AI to help you get the most out of your finances. We want to help the millions of Americans carrying credit card balances and paying thousands in fees and interest to their banks every year. We want to help them reduce their debt, save better, and build a stronger financial future.

Our goal is to leverage the world’s best Data Science, to power your money decisions and make it really easy to get the most out of your money. We want to give you the confidence and freedom to get on with your life - let us do the hard work of worrying about your credit cards and how to handle them.

How will Bright help me?

Bright helps you manage your credit cards. You will be able to reduce your credit card debt and save $1,000s on your interest costs. Bright securely connects to your bank accounts and uses the power of AI to find the best way to pay your cards and reduce your balances, all within your budget. Bright’s AI does the hard work of understanding your credit balances and spend, making it as easy as a couple of taps to pay your cards. That means less worry about due dates, no more late fees and more money in your pocket every month.

How does Bright work?

Bright was built by professional data scientists from some of the world’s best technology companies to change the way we manage our money, giving you the power of AI in a simple and intuitive app to manage your credit cards.

Once you connect your bank accounts, Bright gets to work - analyzing your spend and credit card bills - to deliver your optimal payment plan. We then let you manage and pay your cards via the Bright app. We have built integrations with all the major credit cards, meaning you can pay your cards in a couple of taps without ever leaving Bright.

Can I pay my credit cards through Bright?

Yes, Bright lets you not only manage your cards but pay your bills in seconds. Bright has built integrations with all the major credit card companies and Visa and MasterCard to allow you to pay your cards so you never have to worry about due dates or credit card bills.

How does the Bright Credit Card Manager work?

Bright makes managing your credit cards effortless.

Every day, Bright reviews your checking account and credit cards, identifying your spending habits and income. We then move money from your checking account to your credit card, if you can afford it. We keep you informed of payments and you have full control to pause or stop payments

Bright focuses on getting you ahead of your minimum due, allocating to the most urgent credit card due dates. Once you have settled the min due we try and help you pay down your balance, in a sensible way that does not damage your budget.

Bright gives you an easy and convenient way to reduce your balances gradually, while giving you peace of mind. Get out of debt and save money, without even thinking about it.

Do I get rewards for using Bright?

Bright helps you reduce credit card debt and save on interest costs. By using the Bright platform, we help you pay less to your bank, so you have more money in your pocket each month.

Soon, we will also roll out exciting new rewards that give you even more benefits. Check back soon as we announce all the extra benefits you will get through Bright.

How does Bright make money?

Bright is building a new approach to how you manage your money, giving you highly personalized products that help you reduce debt, build savings and gain greater confidence in your finances. Through the coming months we will launch various products such as the Bright Loan Account that help you save even more in interest costs.

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