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Can I pay my credit cards through Bright?

Yes, Bright lets you not only manage your cards but pay your bills in seconds. Bright has built integrations with all the major credit card companies and Visa and MasterCard to allow you to pay your cards so you never have to worry about due dates or credit card bills.

What credit cards can you pay?

We cover all major US credit cards. If for any reason your credit card is not available during sign up please send a note to support@brightmoney.co and we will do our best to ensure we can support your bank.

How long do payments take?

We know that you want your card payments to happen as quickly as possible and our system ensures we can move funds as fast as we can using the U.S. Federal Reserve ACH service. Card payment typically takes 3 working days from submission.

Are my payments safe?

Bright has partnered with Evolve Bank and Trust, an FDIC insured member, to help facilitate your card payments. This means any payments are Federally Insured up to $250,000. All payments are logged and stored with the Federal Reserve, meaning that if there are any issues, your money will be returned to you.