Week 1
Earn $20/week
Step 1: $5 Smart Round Ups
Bright does 25 transactions of 1-10 cents, totalling up to $1/day and up to $5 weekly from your checking account. Never more.
Your smart round ups are always available to you in your Bright account. Withdraw anytime.
Step 2: Provide feedback on the Round-Up
Takes less than 5 mins
Step 3: Get $20 reward deposited
$20 reward is deposited in your Bright account for participating. Withdraw instantly!
Week 2: Repeat
Earn $20/week
Week 3: Repeat
Earn $20/week
Week 4: Repeat
Earn $20/week
You earn
$80 for 4 weeks
$20 for every 100 transactions
Up to 25 transactions daily, reach 100 transactions every 4-10 days
Maintain $10 in your checking account daily
Ensures transactions do not fail
Allow daily transactions from your account. Total $2 weekly.
Money available in Stash Account in the Bright App
Great, what’s next
You can opt out anytime in the 4 week period