ACH Debit Authorization

By clicking "I agree", I authorize Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC ("Evolve") to initiate a debit transfer against my deposit account identified below (my "Account") each time I request, through the Bright Money App (the "App"), that a credit card payment be made on my behalf.

I acknowledge that each debit transfer from my Account will differ in amount, depending upon the amount of each individual payment that I request through the App. I agree that Evolve will not provide prior notice to me of any debit transfer between $0 and $1,000. I also acknowledge that the debit transfers will not occur at regular intervals, and will be initiated only when I request through the App that a credit card payment be made on my behalf. 

Each time I request a payment, I represent to Evolve that the Account is a legitimate, open and active account and has sufficient funds for that payment. I authorize Evolve to verify all of the information regarding my Account that I have provided. I agree to notify Evolve promptly if any of my Account information I have provided to Evolve changes and provide Evolve the updated information. If a debit transfer is returned unpaid by my financial institution for any reason, then I authorize Evolve to reinitiate the debit transfer against my Account up to two additional times.

This payment authorization is valid and will remain effective unless I cancel this authorization by emailing  Bright at  at least 3 business days in advance.