Kansas City, MA
Bright user since
January 2020
Saved with Bright
Balance before / after Bright
$3,697 /
Credit Cards with Bright
Favorite thing about Bright

Bright has got a great customer support team. Whenever I have contacted them for any kind of help, they have helped me proactively and explained things to me clearly.


What comes to your mind when you hear ‘debt’?

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Bright’?

What made you use Bright?

My friend told me about Bright and that it manages your credit card payments automatically so I was instantly interested in the app and wanted to give it a try.

What made you stick with Bright?

How has been your experience with Bright?

Bright’s customer service is incredible. Available 24*7. It is absolutely wonderful, it takes a small amount out of my checking account and manages the funds to pay down my credit cards. I know that the minimum amount will be paid if not more depending on the monthly goals I set.

How has Bright changed your financial situation?

How has Bright helped you with your debts?

A few of my cards have a $0 balance now. I am left with only 2 active cards. I trust that Bright will make me debt-free soon.

How is Bright different from other financial tools you’ve used?