Brooklyn, NY
Bright user since
February 2025
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Balance before / after Bright
$11,808 /
Credit Cards with Bright
Favorite thing about Bright

Till now I hadn't found anything that worked for me but since I have been using Bright, it’s saved me a big headache. Paying of credit card bills feels like such a breeze with Bright.


What comes to your mind when you hear ‘debt’?

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Bright’?

A revolutionary idea!

What made you use Bright?

I am so glad that I came across Bright. I’ve been waiting for an app that could help me manage my credit card debt and that’s what exactly Bright does. I have 7 cards and have always struggled with due dates and minimum payments so Bright was worth a try.

What made you stick with Bright?

How has been your experience with Bright?

I have been really impressed with how Bright has been managing my credit card payments. I don’t have to think about it myself because Bright takes care of everything. It makes payments earlier than the due dates and even pays more than the minimums. Bright has been a huge support, I’m sure I’ll be sticking with Bright for awhile.

How has Bright changed your financial situation?

I haven’t missed any payments since using Bright. I have managed to pay more than the minimums due and Bright has helped me save a lot of money on interest. My credit score even improved! What more could I have asked for?

How has Bright helped you with your debts?

How is Bright different from other financial tools you’ve used?