New York, NY
Bright user since
June 2020
Saved with Bright
Balance before / after Bright
$19,147 /
Credit Cards with Bright
Favorite thing about Bright

I have several credit cards, that means a lot of due dates. Bright has made it so easy to manage all of my credit cards and pays each smartly.


What comes to your mind when you hear ‘debt’?

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Bright’?

A smart financial decision.

What made you use Bright?

I found Bright quite helpful. The app’s AI and algorithm that makes the payments from my checking accounts towards credit cards is pure genius, and it saves me money.

What made you stick with Bright?

How has been your experience with Bright?

Being able to pay down credit cards automatically is awesome. I could have never imagined it but Bright made this possible, and it’s paid down my debt faster than I had been on my own. It is simple to use with no effort required. I am happy with Bright and highly recommend it to anyone with credit card debt.

How has Bright changed your financial situation?

How has Bright helped you with your debts?

How is Bright different from other financial tools you’ve used?