Philadelphia, PA
Bright user since
July 2020
Saved with Bright
Balance before / after Bright
$7,853 /
Credit Cards with Bright
Favorite thing about Bright

Bright has been fantastic, all my credit card payments are made on time. It has helped to increase my credit score as well.


What comes to your mind when you hear ‘debt’?

I have $8k in credit card debt. Paying it off is my top priority right now.

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Bright’?

What made you use Bright?

Earlier I used to put reminders in my phone for the due dates and I still used to end up with at least 1 late payment every month or so. I came across Bright and realized it can help with paying my credit card bills timely and smartly.

What made you stick with Bright?

How has been your experience with Bright?

Bright has been a game-changer for me. I haven’t been late on any payment ever since I started using the app and the reminders I get whenever a payment is made by Bright gives me peace of mind. I am assured that my credit card payments are getting made automatically, without me constantly worrying about it.

How has Bright changed your financial situation?

How has Bright helped you with your debts?

I have paid off 2 credit cards in less than six months! One more card is down by 25%. All this without me having to do anything. Thanks to Bright!

How is Bright different from other financial tools you’ve used?