Tampa, FL
Bright user since
June 2020
Saved with Bright
Balance before / after Bright
$5,066 /
Credit Cards with Bright
Favorite thing about Bright

It feels good. You look into the app and your balances are actually going down. I already paid off one card. I just love Bright.


What comes to your mind when you hear ‘debt’?

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Bright’?

A credit card management app that does the work for you.

What made you use Bright?

I decided to use bright as I wanted help with my credit card debt. Managing it on my own was just cumbersome and a hassle, I hated doing it because it took so much of my time. I ended up paying late fees and I feared I was hurting my credit score.

What made you stick with Bright?

How has been your experience with Bright?

Bright takes the headache away, I don’t need to track all the due dates on my own. Bright makes my payments by using AI to figure out how much to take from my checking account and then figuring out how much to pay towards my credit cards. It’s brilliant. Thanks to Bright, I haven’t missed any payments and I’ve saved a lot of money.

How has Bright changed your financial situation?

My two credit cards are almost paid off and I am looking forward to being debt-free with the help of Bright.

How has Bright helped you with your debts?

How is Bright different from other financial tools you’ve used?