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Apple Card

Credit needed
10.99% and 21.99%
Annual Fee

Card Summary

Goldman Sachs Bank USA issues the Apple Card. It earns cashback on all purchases.

Apple Pay and Apple Purchases at Select Businesses: Cardholders get 3% Cash Back, 2% on all other Apple pay purchases and 1% on everything else.

Cashback is added automatically to your Apple Cash card via the wallet app and can be used wherever you use Apple Pay.

You can send cash back to your recipients via iMessage, or transfer it to a bank account.

There are no charges for the card and a variable interest rate of between 10.99% to 21.99% depending on creditworthiness when you open it.

Card Summary - Cons

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
Goldman Sachs Bank USA
Penalty APR
Credit Needed
Balance Transfer Fee
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
10.99% and 21.99%
Foreign Transaction Fee

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The Best Features

Flexible rewards: Apple Cardholders earn 3% cashback on Apple Pay and Apple Pay purchases at selected businesses such as Walgreens and Uber. You get 2% cash back for every Apple Pay purchase and 1% on all other purchases.

Tracking purchases: Apple Card places all purchases in the appropriate category. You can sort your purchases by store or category. Cardholders have the option to view their spending history on a monthly and weekly basis.

There are no fees with the Apple Card. Cardholders do not have to pay an annual fee, foreign transaction fees, penalties fees or over-the limit fees.

Apple Card Holders with excellent credit may qualify for a lower minimum APR. Based on creditworthiness, the variable APR of this card is between 10.99% and 21.99%. This is a lower APR than what the U.S. News average reward card has.


Sign up bonus

APR Requirements


Limited benefits: The Apple Card does not offer extended warranty coverage, purchase protection or any other common benefits found in rewards cards.

There is no sign up bonus for Apple Card holders.

The Apple Card does not offer an introductory rate: This is unlike many credit cards that provide a zero introductory interest on balance transfers or purchases.

Based on creditworthiness, the standard variable APR ranges from 10.99% up to 21.99%.Accessibility is limited: Only iPhone users can access the Apple Card.


The Apple Card is available on your iPhone through the Wallet App. Apple Pay is quick and easy to sign up for. It should be easy to repay your balance.

Apple cards have no fees. There are no annual fees, late fees, foreign transaction, over-the limit, or other charges.

You can pay less interest Unlimited cash daily. You get 2% daily cash back for every Apple Card purchase made with Apply Pay Apple Card allows you to get unlimited 3% Daily cash back on all Apple purchases, including new Macs, iPhone cases, Apple TV, and games.

Apple Card with Apple Pay also grants you unlimited 3% daily cash back for purchases at selected merchants.

You'll receive 1% daily cash back every time you use your credit card.


Apple Card Holders have the ability to access these features:

Apple Pay offers advanced security technology Fraud protection. If your card is stolen or lost, you can freeze your account.

Tracking of purchases summaries to spend.

Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

American Express: Apple Card or Blue Cash Preferred Card

Annual Fee: Apple Card does not charge an annual fee. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card has an $0 annual fee, and then it will cost $95 annual fee.

Reward: Get 3% Cash Back on Apple Pay Purchases at Select Businesses, 2% on All Other Apple Pay Purchases and 1% on everything else with the Apple Card. American Express Blue Cash Preferred cardholders get 6% cash back at U.S. grocery stores on purchases up to $6,000 per year (then, 1%), 6% back for select U.S. streaming subscriptions and 3% back at U.S. gasoline stations, and on all transit services (including taxis and ride-hailing service and buses) as well as 1% back on any other purchases.

Sign-up bonus: Apple Card does not offer a welcome bonus. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card users receive $300 credit for their first six months of use.

Benefits: Apple Card Benefits include purchase tracking, fraud protection and expense summaries. If your card is stolen or lost, you can freeze it.

The Blue Cash Preferred card from American Express will give you access to fraud protection, car rental loss and damages insurance, and other benefits.

Apple Card vs. Citi  Double-Cash Card

Annual fees: There is no annual fee for the card.

Reward: Apple Card holders get 3% cashback on Apple Pay purchases at selected businesses and 2% back for all Apple Pay purchases. All other Apple Pay purchases are eligible for 1% Cash Back. Citi Double Cash Card – 18-month BT Offer Holders get 1% cashback on all purchases, and an additional 1% when you pay.

Sign up bonus: No card provides a sign up bonus.

Benefits: Apple Card Holders have the opportunity to enjoy benefits like fraud protection, purchase tracking, and security technology such as Apple Pay.

If your card is stolen or lost, you can freeze it. Citi Double Cash Card – 18 Month BT Offer offers Identity Theft Support, Concierge Service and Exclusive Access to Event Tickets.

Maximizing Rewards

Annual Fees



No late fees. Reduced interest charges. Pay off

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