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What is Bright?

Bright is a smart service to pay down your credit card debt on time and fast with the help of automation and artificial intelligence. 

Bright also offers a Bright Credit line (available in select states) designed to help consolidate and pay off credit debt fast and easy.

How does Bright work?

Bright understand your full financial situation. It learns from your financial data to automatically build a plan tailored for you. 

Every day, it works in the background, to calculate the right sum of money to start to collect towards your credit card payments. It considers all your minimum dues and your balances across all credit cards.

It collects every 2-3 days from your main checking account, so that your payments are handled on time, and you won’t feel a big pinch all at once.

It finds how much extra cash you can afford every month to contribute towards reducing your balances.
You don’t have to do any more math. Bright works you automatically, always looking out for you every day, and planning your payments for all credit cards.

Your money is collected in your secure Bright Account, and then used to pay down your credit cards. You are always able to withdraw and reverse payments from your Bright Account via the app.

Can I pause Bright?

If you want us to stop collecting money for you for a certain period, you can set a monthly goal for the payment amounts you want Bright to manage. 

You can also pause the service for a period via the app. Bright will stop managing your payments and making collections for this period.

Is Bright Live? How do I join Bright?

Bright is in a Beta phase now. We will soon roll out to waitlisted members, and then will be open to all after this. To sign up for our wait-list click here: https://www.brightmoney.co

How do I contact customer support?

We are available 24 hours a day via chat on our website. You can also reach us via email to support@brightmoney.co. We will ensure we respond within 24 hours, and often even faster.

What is Bright Account?

Your Bright Account is a secure financial account to collect money towards your credit card payments. You can withdraw money back to your checking account or let Bright use these funds to pay your credit card bills on time, saving you on interest and fees. You always have control of the funds in your Bright account.

What Banks and Credit Cards are supported?

We have a wide range of approved banks and cards across the United States. If you find a bank is not supported, please ping us at support@brightmoney.co, and we will do our best to get it into Bright.

Why does Bright need my bank account and credit card information?

Bright uses the bank and credit card information to understand your personal finances, and to tailor the approach to you.

How does Bright know how much to pay?

The Bright A.I. analyzes your spending patterns, income, and your card balances. It then builds an optimized payment plan tailored to your situation. You can view Upcoming Payments from the dashboard within the app.

My cards are not available on Bright. What should I do?

Bright supports active and open credit cards with between 13-19 digits. Does your credit card fit this category? If it does not, please reach out at the live Chat window or drop us an email at support@brightmoney.co. We will try to fix this for you.

My bank is not available on Bright. What should I do?

Please check if you have typed in the right spelling. If you still cannot find it, it means we do not support this bank at the moment but are working to add this in the future. Please drop us an email at support@brightmoney.co if you want to raise this issue with us.

How do I delete my Bright account?

Please contact our Customer Success team support@brightmoney.co who will do this for you immediately. 
You can also deactivate your account by clicking on Settings in the app. Pausing also works to stop Bright for a period of time.

How Bright calculates average potential lifetime savings?

We calculated this saving in January 2020 by looking at average credit card APRs across the US of 21% (source Wallet Hub) and assessed the impact of paying an extra $25 a month towards your credit card balances over a 5 year period.

We identified that a majority of Bright customers could pay an extra $6 a week or $25 a month. We assumed that any interest savings were reinvested in further debt paydown accelerating debt paydown and consequent interest savings.

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