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What is the Bright Plan?

The Bright Plan is an AI-driven financial plan that delivers real results. It’s tailored to each user, based on their finances and their goals, finding the fastest, smartest way to pay off debts and build wealth. It’s a new, guided path to financial well-being.

How can I create new Asset accounts with Bright?

Click on the Assets tab, then choose 'Add new.'

What are “Assets”?

At Bright, “Assets” refers to your savings funds accounts at Bright. Click on “Assets'' to review and add more. Choose individual accounts to add money to a fund or account to see recent activity.

What does “Stash” mean?

Your Bright Stash Account is where we hold your funds before we put them to work, making debt payments or adding to your savings. “Stash” is an informal way of describing a specified place where something is safely stored.

How do I customize my Bright plan?

Click on 'Edit' to customize the order on your Bright Plan menu. Customize your plan’s order, so your own priorities are always visible first.

What are the advantages of the Bright plan?

Bright Plan has several advantages. 

First, your Bright Plan provides step-by-step priorities for your financial goals, from your credit cards to your savings, even including ways to achieve your target wealth - all organized to get you the fastest results. 

Then, with the path ahead defined, your Bright Plan can be set up with autopay to make each step happen, using our own A.I. system to move funds when it makes sense, always studying your finances and adapting whenever your needs shift. 

Your Bright Plan can pay off debts 4x faster than most consumers can on their own. Your Bright can build your savings faster too, adding funds throughout each month, so you’re saving more regularly and start earning interest sooner. When you take full advantage, your Bright Plan can be a very smart, guided path to financial well-being.

Can I add money to my Assets?

You can always add money to your Bright funds and accounts. Once you’ve clicked on the Assets tab, select the fund or account, then choose 'Add Money.'

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