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Refinance high interest credit card debt

Get up to $8,000.

No origination fees. APRs as low as 9%. Affordable and flexible monthly payments
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Build credit with on-time payments²

0% APR. No interest fees. Reported to Equifax and TransUnion. No minimum score to apply!
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Manage all your finances in one place

AI driven plan personalized for you. Delete debt and build savings.

Start building for a better future. Bright helps you save, invest and get to your target net worth.¹
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Pre-plan payments and stay equipped.

All your cards and bills in one place.

Manage your bills, with payments and reminders, all managed by Bright.
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Grow your score fast

High APY Savings.

Get a high APY savings account for each of your needs. And with automated savings, tailored for you
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Full control of your money.

Budget tools powered by AI

Budgeting tools so see all your incomes and expenses in one place.
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The best courses to learn about all things money.

The MoneyScience school is led by money experts to help you build just the skills you need to manage money well.
Everything you need to get out of debt.

All for less than $10 a month!²

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