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About and benefits

What is Bright Builder?

How does Bright Builder work?

How does Bright Builder differ from other Credit Building products in the market?

Eligibility, application, and fees

Are there any fees associated with Bright Builder, such as application fees, origination fees, annual fees, or late fees?

What are the eligibility requirements for Bright Builder?

Is Bright Builder available in my state or region?

Will applying for Bright Builder affect my credit score?

Does Bright Builder do a hard pull?

Can I apply for Bright Builder if I have bad credit or a low credit score?

How do I apply for Bright Builder?

Loan details and payments

What is a secured line of credit?

How big of a loan do I get through Bright Builder?

What is the security deposit for Bright Builder?

How do I complete my security deposit?

Can I withdraw my money from Bright Builder while building the deposit?

Will withdrawing my money from Bright Builder while building a deposit affect my credit score?

How do I know if my security deposit is completed?

When do I get access to my loan?

Which banking partner do you work with?

What can I use my Bright Builder $50 loan for?

What would be my interest rate with Bright Builder? / Does Bright Builder charge any interest?

When can I withdraw my security deposit ?

How do I withdraw money from the Bright Builder Account?

Where can I deposit money from the Builder Account?

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

How can I access my Bright Builder Account?

What is my first draw amount?

Why does Bright recommend the first draw to be $20?

Can I change my first draw amount?

How can I set up AutoPay for monthly minimum-due payments for Bright Builder?

Can I manually pay my Minimum due?

How can I pay my Minimum due?

Can I make an early payment on the Bright Builder Account or pay for next month in advance?

Can I pay off my Bright Builder Account early?

Is AutoPay required for my Credit Builder loan?

Communications, Reporting, and Impact

What communications can I expect from Bright?

Do you send minimum payment/bill reminders?

Do you send late payment reminders?

Do I get to know when my payments are reported to the credit bureaus?

Which bureaus do you report to?

When will the Bright Builder account appear on the Credit Report?

How much of a boost will I get from Bright Builder?

Will Bright Builder report missed payments?

What if I can’t pay back my Bright Builder loan?

Will Bright Builder affect my score negatively?

How will my Bright Builder account reflect on my credit report?

How long does the Bright Builder program last?

Closure and Cancellation

How do I close my Bright Builder account?

What happens when the Bright Builder account closes?

Does closing Bright Builder affect your score?

Is there a fee involved in closing my Bright Builder account?

Will canceling my membership affect Bright Builder?

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