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Discover it® Business Card

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Excellent/ Good
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Card Summary

With the Discover it Business Card, small businesses can earn flat 1.5% cashback on all qualifying purchases.

All cashback earnings earned by Discover are automatically matched at the end the first year.

Benefits include free fraud protection and up to 50 employee cards. FICO credit scores access is also available.

Card Summary - Cons

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Excellent/ Good
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The Best Features

Flat rate cashback: All Discover It Business cardholders earn 1.5% Cash Back on Every Eligible Purchase. The rewards are never expired.

Cashback match: Cardholders earn double their rewards after the first year. Cash back Discover matches are unlimited.


Sign up bonus

APR Requirements


Card benefits are limited: While cardholders get free FICO credit score access, fraud protection and free employee cards, the card does not offer any protection or travel benefits common to small-business credit cards.

Other small-business cards offer benefits such as travel insurance, purchase protection and auto rental insurance.


Receive an uncapped dollar-for-dollar match on all cash you receive at the end your first year.

There is no cap on how much cashback we will match.

With Cashback Match, you can turn $350 in cash into $700. Get 1.5% cashback for every dollar you spend on any purchase.

Cash back can be redeemed for any amount at any time. Your rewards never expire. Keep track of business expenses.

You can easily download transactions into Quicken or QuickBooks. Get up to 50 employee cards for free.

Customer service is 100% U.S. based. You can talk to someone real anytime, any day of the week.

Receive your credit scorecard free of charge with your FICO credit score, recent inquiries, and other information.


The Discover It Business Card Holders have the following benefits:

Access to your FICO credit scores for free,
Fraud protection,
Receive up to 50 employee cards for free.

Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

American Express Blue Business Card Vs. Discover It Business Card

Reward: All Discover It Business Card Holders get 1.5% cashback on eligible purchases. The American Express Blue Business Card earns 2% cashback on eligible purchases up to $50,000 annually. After that, 1% will be earned.

Sign-up bonus: Discover will match all cashback you earn with your Discover it Business Card within the first year. After you spend $3,000 on the American Express Blue Business Cash Card within your first three months, your statement credit is $250.

Benefits: Discover it Business Card provides free FICO credit score access and up to 50 employees cards free of charge. It also offers fraud protection. The American Express Blue Business Cash Card gives you access to extended warranty coverage and purchase protection. You can also call the Global Assist Hotline and get car rental damage and loss insurance.

The Discover It Business Card vs. The Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Reward: Get 1.5% Cash Back on every qualifying purchase with The Discover it Business Card. The Ink Business Cash Credit Card gives 5% cashback on your first $25,000 purchase at Office Supply Stores and internet, cable, and phone services.

Annually, cardholders receive 2% cashback on their first $25,000 combined purchase at restaurants and gas stations. All other purchases are eligible for 1% cash back.

Sign up bonus: Discover it Business Card automatically matches any cash back earned by Discover. After spending $7,500 in 3 months of account opening, Ink Business Cash Credit card holders will receive a $750 cashback bonus.

Benefits: All Discover It Business Card Holders receive FICO credit score access and up to 50 employees cards free of charge. They also have fraud protection.

Ink Business Cash Card Holders receive the following benefits: Auto rental collision damage waiver; travel and emergency assistance, zero liability protection and purchase protection.

Maximizing Rewards

Annual Fees



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