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Credit needed
Excellent, Good
Variable APR: 11.99% to 22.99%
Annual Fee

Card Summary

Discover it chrome credit card offers cash back and rewards. You can get 2% cashback at restaurants and gas stations for purchases up to $1,000 each quarter. Every other purchase earns 1% unlimited cashback.

Discover will match any cash you earn during your first year of card use. The Discover it Chrome offers a 0% annual intro rate on balance transfers and purchases for 14 months.

Benefits for cardholders include an annual FICO credit score of zero and the option to suspend your account in case your card is stolen or lost.

Review of Discover It Chrome: The card has a high cash-back rate and does not have an annual charge. However, the bonus rewards caps are too low to limit its earning potential.

The pros:

Cashback rewards: Each quarter, the Discover it Chrome earns 2% cash back for up to $1,000 of combined gas station and restaurant purchases. All other purchases qualify for a 1% cash back automatic.

Match cashback: All the cash you get with your Discover card after the first year is up, Discover matches it automatically.

Card Summary - Cons

There are only a few bonus options:

While the Discover it Chrome offers 2% cash back at restaurants and gas stations, there is a limit to how many quarters of combined purchase.

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
Penalty APR
Credit Needed
Excellent, Good
Balance Transfer Fee
3% Intro Balance Transfer Fee, up to 5.5% on subsequent balance transfers.
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
Variable APR: 11.99% to 22.99%
Foreign Transaction Fee


Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

Discover It chrome vs. Blue Cash Preferred card from American Express

Annual fee: There is no annual fee for the Discover It chrome. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card has an annual fee of $0 for the first year. After that, it is $95.

Reward: The Discover it Chrome Card will give you 2% cashback at gas stations, restaurants and other establishments for purchases up to $1,000 each quarter. Other purchases earn you a 1% unlimited cashback.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Cards offer a 6% cashback on purchases up to $6,000 per year in U.S. supermarkets (then 1%) and 6% cashback on selected U.S. streaming subscriptions. They also give you 3% cash back at U.S. gasoline stations, and on all transit services (including taxis and ride-hailing, parking, and buses) and an unlimited 1% cashback on any other purchases.

Sign-up offer: You will receive a Welcome Offer: All cash you earn after your first year with the Discover it Chrome Card. After spending $3,000 on the new American Express Blue Cash Preferred card, you will receive $300 in statement credit.

Benefits: The Discover it Chrome Card has many benefits. You will receive a monthly free FICO credit score, and you can freeze your account in the event that your card is stolen or lost.

The Blue Cash Preferred Card by American Express offers cardholders car rental loss and damages insurance, as well as global assistance hotline and return coverage.

Chase Freedom Flex vs. Discover It Chrome

Annual Fee: Chase Freedom Flex and Discover It chrome do not have an annual fee.

Reward: Get 2% Cash Back at Gas Stations and Restaurants for purchases up to $1,000 each quarter using Discover It Chrome. Other purchases earn you 1% cashback without any additional charges. Chase Freedom Flex allows you to earn up to 5% for combined purchases of bonus categories in each quarter that you activate, and earns 5% when traveling through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Earn 3% cash back on all dining out, takeout, eligible delivery, and drugstore purchases. Other purchases will earn you 1% cashback

Sign-up offer: You'll receive the Discover It Chrome welcome offer. Discover will match the amount of cash you earn during the first year. You'll get $200 if you spend $500 within the first 3 months of opening an account with Chase Freedom Flex.

Chase Freedom Flex also offers 5% cashback on groceries up to $12,000 when you spend $500 within the first three months.

Benefits: The Discover It Chrome benefits include notifications when new accounts appear on your credit reports and alerts whenever anyone pulls credit. With Discover it chrome, you are protected from fraud for $0.

Chase Freedom Flex benefits offer zero liability protection and purchase protection. Fraud alerts are available as well. You can get as much as $800 for each claim when your mobile phone is lost or stolen with Chase Freedom Flex.


Do You Need to Discover It Chrome?

If you are:

You can spend approximately $1,000 each three months in restaurants or gas stations.
You are looking for a card that offers 0% Intro APR on new and balance transfer purchases.
You don't need to pay an annual charge.

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