Indigo® Platinum Mastercard®

Explore the credit cards and benefits offered by Genesis FS Card Services. Milestone Gold Mastercard was created for people with poor credit score.

Credit needed
Bad/ Poor
Annual Fee

Card Summary

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard, which is ideal for those looking to build or maintain credit, has a very low credit limit and offers minimal frills.

This card offers rewards, but not as many credit cards.

It does not require a deposit in order to get a credit line.

Card Summary - Cons

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
Genesis FS Card Services
Penalty APR
Credit Needed
Bad/ Poor
Balance Transfer Fee
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
Foreign Transaction Fee


You don't need to pay a security deposit so that you have more cash in your pockets. You can pre-qualify for credit without affecting your credit score.

A credit card that is as original as you are will make your shine brighter. Access a Mastercard credit card that you can use in-store, online and mobile. You can pre-qualify quicker than you would for a flight on a jet aircraft - and all this without affecting your credit score.

You can pre-qualify quicker than you can microwave burritos!Style is the best way to build your credit score. You get a card that looks just like you for your wallet! Spend worry-free with no liability for unauthorized charges.

Credit for all your daily needs.

Celtic Bank Indigo Platinum Mastercard Benefits: The Indigo Platinum Mastercard offers cardholders the following benefits:

Prequalification is fast and without any impact on your credit score.
Custom credit card design.
Access your mobile account anytime.
Warranty coverage extended.
Assistance on the road.
Assistance in an emergency situation and travel.
Rental car insurance.

Maximizing Rewards:

Purchases made with the Indigo Platinum Mastercard do not earn rewards. Cardholders have the option to maximize their card's benefits by paying on time each billing cycle.
Credit cards are designed to help improve credit scores and credit histories. Responsible management of credit limits up to $300 can be one way to do this.

Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

Indigo Platinum Mastercard vs. Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

Annual Fee: This fee is charged by the Indigo Platinum Mastercard depending on your credit score and history. Annual fee for the Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card is $0.

Rewards: There is no rewards program with this card.

Sign-up bonus: No sign-up bonus for credit cards.

Benefits: Cardholders who have the Indigo Platinum Mastercard receive extended warranty coverage and travel, emergency and roadside assistance at no extra cost. Cardholders of Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card have immediate access to Mastercard Identity Theft Protection, Fraud Coverage and Emergency Card Services.

Indigo Platinum Mastercard vs. Explore it Secured credit card

Reward: The Indigo Platinum Mastercard cardholders do not receive rewards. Cardholders of the Discover It Secured Credit Card earn 2% cashback on all purchases at gas stations and restaurants up to $1,000 per quarter. Other purchases receive 1% cashback without any limits.

Sign up bonus: There is no sign-up bonus for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard. Cardholders with the Discover it Secured Credit Card get an automatic dollar-for dollar match on any cash earned during the first year.

Benefits: Indigo Platinum Mastercard holders do not need to make a deposit in order to open an account. Extended warranty, roadside assistance and rental car coverage are all available to cardholders.

Cardholders of Discover It Secured Credit Card have free access to their FICO Score for U.S.-based customer support and zero-dollar fraud liability coverage.


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