KIKOFF INC is the issuer of Kikoff Credit+ Cash Card.

Kikoff Secured Credit Card

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Credit needed
No Credit Score Required
Annual Fee
Typically does not charge an annual fee, providing significant cost savings.

Card Summary

Functioning similarly to a debit card but with the credit-building advantages of a credit card, the Kikoff Secured Credit Card is tailored for ease of use and accessibility, particularly for those new to credit.


  • 0% APR on purchases
  • Reports to major credit bureaus, aiding in credit score improvement.
  • The absence of usage fees makes it an economical choice.
  • Wide network of ATMs available without extra charges

Card Summary - Cons

  • Kikoff Credit Card doesn't offer cashback or rewards like some other cards, limiting its appeal for those seeking perks
  • Additional fees for ATM use outside the Kikoff network
  • There is no initial bonus for new cardholders
  • Restricted to specific transactions within the Kikoff ecosystem

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Rates and fees

Issuer Name
Kikoff INC
Penalty APR
Penalty APRs can vary; check the terms and conditions for specifics, typically triggered by late or missed payments.
Credit Needed
No Credit Score Required
Balance Transfer Fee
May offer balance transfer options with fees that can vary. Refer to terms and conditions for accurate information.
Annual Fee
Typically does not charge an annual fee, providing significant cost savings.
Cash Advance Fee
Fees for cash advances can vary; consult your card's terms and conditions for specific details.
Foreign Transaction Fee
There is no fee for foreign transactions.


The card's highlights focus on its core objective—aiding in credit score improvement: Regular reporting to credit bureaus helps steadily improve credit scores. The card's debit-like functionality makes it user-friendly, especially for those new to credit cards, unlike an unsecured card.

Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

In comparing the Kikoff Secured Credit Card with others in the market, it's evident that:

  • Unlike many secured cards offering rewards, Kikoff's card focuses on improving credit scores
  • The absence of annual fees and low costs make it a viable option for budget-conscious consumers

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The Kikoff Secured Credit Card reflects the company's commitment to providing accessible credit-building tools. It addresses a crucial need in the financial market, offering a practical solution for those at the beginning of their credit journey. While it may not cater to everyone's needs, its targeted approach makes it an invaluable asset for its intended user base.

The Kikoff Secured Credit Card is a practical tool for individuals focused on building or improving their credit scores. Its straightforward approach, absence of additional fees, and credit reporting features make it a noteworthy option in the secured card market.

The Kikoff Secured Credit Card catalyzes long-term financial health and creditworthiness. Its role in empowering individuals to build and improve their credit scores is what truly defines its value in the financial services sector.

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