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Credit needed
Limited or Bad Credit
18% - 24% (Varies with credit score)
Annual Fee

Card Summary

Here are some key perks and benefits you must consider when choosing this Visa card:

  • Easier Access

Building your credit becomes more inclusive with Self Secured credit cards to build credit, which are open to people with limited or not-so-perfect credit histories. These cards skip the usual credit check process, letting you start your credit-building journey without unnecessary hurdles.

  • Saving While Building

Here's the interesting part – as you work on your credit, you're also building savings through a Credit Builder Account. The money you put in is held safely in an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit (CD), and it even earns interest while you focus on boosting your credit.

  • Flexible Payments to Fit

Personal finance is simpler with Self Secured credit cards that let you adjust your monthly payment to match your budget. This way, you can comfortably keep up with your credit-building efforts without straining your finances.

  • More Credit Power

Sticking to timely payments brings rewards. Your credit limit gradually increases, allowing you to handle bigger purchases over time.

  • Tools for a Stronger Credit

These cards offer more than just the basics. You get access to resources and tools designed to help you understand credit better and take proactive steps to improve your creditworthiness.

  • Building a Strong Credit Path

Every smart money move counts. Each payment and financial decision you make with a Self Secured Visa Card is reported to the major credit bureaus, setting the stage for a solid credit history.

  • Accepted Everywhere

No matter where you are, these Self Secured credit cards for bad credit fit right in. You can use them at local stores or online shops that accept Visa, allowing you to shop wherever you like.

Card Summary - Cons

With a plethora of advantages, there are certain negatives of the Self Secured Visa Card. These include:

  • No Immediate Access to Funds

Unlike traditional credit cards, you cannot immediately access the funds in your Credit Builder account. You must complete the repayment period or close your credit card account to access the accumulated funds.

  • Limited Credit Limit

The credit limit of the Self best secured credit cards for bad credit is determined by the amount deposited into your Credit Builder Account. It may result in a lower credit limit than traditional credit cards.

  • Costs and Fees

Self Secured Visa Cards come with an annual fee and a one-time administrative fee, which is relatively more expensive than other secured cards. Additionally, the Credit Builder loan has 28.24% variable APR charges, which can add to the overall cost.

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
Penalty APR
Not Applicable
Credit Needed
Limited or Bad Credit
Balance Transfer Fee
Typically Not Offered
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
Varies, Refer to Card Agreement
18% - 24% (Varies with credit score)
Foreign Transaction Fee
Yes, check card terms


What Are the Self Secured Visa Card Requirements?

To qualify for a Self Secured Visa card, here are the key criteria that must be satisfied:

  • You must hold an active Credit Builder account for at least three months.
  • Your Credit Builder account must have a minimum balance of at least $100.
  • Your Credit Builder account must be in good standing, with no late payments or defaults.

How Do Self Secured Visa Cards Work?

Self secured build credit cards operate on a simple and transparent process to help you build credit. Here's how it works:

  1. Start by opening a Credit Builder account with Self. This account will hold your funds and serve as collateral for your Self Secured Visa Card.
  2. Every month, you'll be required to make a payment towards your Credit Builder account. These payments are reported to credit agencies, helping you establish a positive payment history.
  3. The funds in your Credit Builder Account are held in an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit (CD) and earn interest.
  4. As you make payments and build credit, you become eligible for the Self Secured Visa Card. This card allows you to make purchases and build credit like any other credit card.
  5. There are tools and resources to help you track your credit-building progress. You can monitor your credit score, payment history, and other factors that impact your creditworthiness.

What Is the Process of Applying for a Self Secured Visa Card?

Applying for a Self Secured Visa Card is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit the Self website and create an account by providing your personal information.
  2. Once your account is created, open a Credit Builder account. This account will serve as collateral for your Self Secured Visa Card.
  3. Now make an initial payment to activate your Credit Builder account. The minimum payment amount is $100, but you can choose a higher amount according to your preference.
  4. After making your initial payment, select your desired monthly amount. The minimum amount is $25, but you can choose a higher amount if you want to build credit faster.
  5. Complete the application by uploading the relevant information, including income, employment status, and housing details. This information determines your credit limit.
  6. Once you've completed the application, review the terms and conditions, and submit your application for review.
  7. If your application is approved, you'll receive your Self Secured Visa Card in the mail. Activate the card, and you're ready to start building credit.

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Who Are the Self Secured Credit Cards For?

The Self Secured credit cards serve specific individuals who can benefit from the card’s features. Here are some groups of people who may find this card suitable:

  • Young Adults

If you're a young adult starting your credit journey, Self Secured credit cards to build credit can help you establish a credit history and learn responsible financial habits.

  • Credit Rebuilders

If you have a poor credit history or have experienced financial setbacks, Self Secured credit cards for bad credit help you rebuild your credit over time.

  • Limited Credit History

When you have a limited credit history because you are new to the country or have never taken out loans or credit cards earlier, Self Secured credit cards can be a stepping stone toward building credit.

  • Budget-Conscious Individuals

The flexibility of choosing your monthly payment amount makes the Self Secured Visa Card suitable for individuals on a tight budget who want to build credit gradually.

Is the Self-Secured Visa Card for You?

Deciding whether the Self best Secured credit cards are a good choice depends on your circumstances and financial goals. Contemplate the following factors:

  • Credit Building Goals

If your primary goal is to build or rebuild credit, the Self best secured credit cards for bad credit are an effective tool to achieve this.

  • Financial Discipline

The Self Secured Visa Card requires disciplined financial management. If you're committed to making on-time payments and handling credit responsibly, this card can work well for you.

  • Budget Constraints

If you have limited funds for a security deposit or prefer a lower monthly payment option, the Self Secured Visa Card offers flexibility to fit within your budget.

  • Long-Term Commitment

Building credit takes time, and the Self Secured Visa Card requires a commitment to planned repayment within a specific tenure. Consider whether you're willing to commit to the necessary time frame.

Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card:

The Self Visa Secured Card focuses on credit building, whereas the Chime Credit Builder Visa Card minimizes fees, making it cost-effective for budget-conscious users.

Discover it Secured Credit Card:

Compared to the Discover it Secured Card, the Self Visa Secured Card prioritizes credit-building over cashback rewards, appealing to those focused on improving credit history.

Capital One Secured Mastercard:

The Self Visa Secured Card differs from the Capital One Secured Mastercard by emphasizing a savings-based credit-building approach rather than credit limit increases


The Self Secured credit card stands out as a strong solution for individuals who might otherwise face challenges obtaining a secured card due to inadequate or poor credit status. It is useful when an individual cannot arrange the initial security deposit generally mandated by such cards. The distinctive feature of not conducting an upfront credit check or mandating an initial deposit makes the Self best secured credit cards for bad credit exceptionally useful and accessible to all applicants.

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