South State Bank

South State Bank Visa® Secured Card

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Credit needed
Limited or Bad Credit
17.99% to 23.99%
Annual Fee

Card Summary

  • Secured Credit Building: The South State Bank Visa® Secured Card is an excellent tool for individuals looking to build credit, as it requires a security deposit
  • Low Annual Fee: With a modest annual fee, this secured credit card won't break the bank while you work on improving your credit score
  • No Minimum Credit Score: Unlike many other secured cards, this option does not have a minimum credit score requirement, making it accessible to a broader range of applicants
  • Credit Reporting: Regular, on-time payments are reported to all three major credit bureaus, helping you boost your credit score over time

Card Summary - Cons

  • Security Deposit Required: To open this secured credit card, you'll need to provide a security deposit, which may not be feasible for some potential cardholders
  • No Rewards: This card doesn't offer any rewards or cashback incentives, which might make it less appealing to those looking for extra perks

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
South State Bank
Penalty APR
Credit Needed
Limited or Bad Credit
Balance Transfer Fee
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
17.99% to 23.99%
Foreign Transaction Fee


  • Credit Building Opportunity: This secured credit card is designed for those who are looking to improve their credit, making it an excellent choice for individuals with limited or damaged credit histories
  • Flexible Approval Criteria: The absence of a minimum credit score requirement means that more people have a chance to be approved for this card
  • Credit Reporting: Responsible use of the South State Bank Visa® Secured Card will positively impact your credit score as the card issuer reports your activity to the major credit bureaus

Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

When comparing the South State Bank Visa® Secured Card with other secured credit cards in the market, it's essential to weigh its advantages and disadvantages. Some secured cards might offer rewards or have lower APRs, but few can match the absence of a minimum credit score requirement, making this card accessible to a broader audience.

Other secured cards might require a more substantial security deposit, making them less practical for some applicants. Therefore, the South State Bank Visa® Secured Cardstands out as an accessible option for individuals with varied credit histories.

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The South State Bank Visa® Secured Cardis a valuable tool for individuals aiming to build credit. It offers a path to credit improvement without the barrier of a minimum credit score requirement. While it lacks rewards, its low annual fee and the positive impact on credit scores through responsible usage make it an attractive option for those on a credit-building journey.

As with any financial decision, it's crucial to consider your specific circumstances and credit goals when evaluating this card. If you have the means to provide the required security deposit and are committed to responsible credit management, the South State Bank Visa® Secured Card can be an effective stepping stone toward a healthier credit profile. However, if rewards and cashback are essential to you, you may want to explore other credit card options that align with your preferences and spending habits.

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