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SunTrust Business Cash Rewards Credit Card

Credit needed
12.24% to 19,24%
Annual Fee

Card Summary

SunTrust Business Cash Reward Credit Card provides business owners with a cash-back rewards program. You'll get 5% cashback on your first $2,000 in office supplies or fuel purchases for the first twelve months.

Office supplies and fuel will earn you 3% cashback on your first $2,000 of monthly purchases. All purchases receive 1% cashback.

An annual fee is $0 and APR ranges between 12.24% and 19.24% depending on creditworthiness.

Card Summary - Cons

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
SunTrust Bank
Penalty APR
Credit Needed
Balance Transfer Fee
The transfer amount must be equal to $5, or 3%, depending on which is higher.
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
Cash advances are either $5, or 3% depending on the greater amount.
12.24% to 19,24%
Foreign Transaction Fee
After conversion to USD, 3% sur the total amount

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The Best Features

Cashback rewards: The SunTrust Business Cash Reward Credit Card will give you 5% cash back for every $2,000 that you spend monthly on office supplies or fuel during the first twelve months.

You will receive 3% cashback on your first $2,000 monthly office supply and fuel purchases after the 12 month period. All other purchases earn the card 1% cashback.

SunTrust Business Cash Rewards Credit card holders receive a zero percent APR for the initial 12 months. The APR will change from 12.24% to 19.24% depending on creditworthiness.

Mastercard Easy Savings Program Automatic Rebates: Receive a rebate as a statement credit for qualifying purchases of fuel, car maintenance, office equipment and shipping.


Sign up bonus

APR Requirements


SunTrust Business Cash Reward Credit Card offers a limited bonus earning.

The sign-up bonus is not available. Bonus rewards can only be earned for the first $2,000 of fuel or office supplies each month.

There is no zero percent APR period for balance transfers. The 12-month 0% APR promotional period applies only to balance transfers and purchases.

Based on creditworthiness, the standard APR can vary from 12.24% to 19.24%.

International transaction fees: All international transactions are subject to a 3% Foreign Transaction Fee by the SunTrust Business Rewards Credit Card.


Get 5% Cash Back on Your First $2,000 Monthly Purchase of Office Supply and Fuel Qualifying Products within 12 Months. After the initial $2,000 in qualifying office supplies and fuel purchases, you will receive 3% cashback.All other eligible purchases qualify for a 1% cashback.

There is no annual charge. No minimum spend nor maximum payout limitations apply. After your reward balance has reached $5, you will be able to redeem electronically by logging in SunTrust Business Card Online as an Administrator or calling 855.574.2423.You can get a loyalty cash bonus of either 10% or 25% depending on the business relationship you have with SunTrust.

Receive automatic rebates through the Mastercard Easy Savings Program.

SunTrust Business Cash Reward Credit Card Benefits:

The SunTrust Business Rewards Credit Card offers a variety of travel and consumer benefits, including:

Buy assurance, warranty coverage, extended assistance with emergency travel, concierge service, travel accident insurance.


Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

SunTrust Business Rewards Credit Card vs. Ink Business Preferred credit card

Annual fee: SunTrust Cash Rewards Credit Card is $0. Annual fee for the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card is $95.

Reward: SunTrust Business Cash rewards Credit Card offers 3% cashback on your first $2,000 of purchases each month for office supplies or gas. You also get 5% cash back up to $2,000 per month in these categories, and 1% cashback on all purchases.

The Ink Business Preferred credit card earns you three points per dollar on purchases of travel, shipping and internet services, as well as advertising via social media, search engines, and up to $150,000 for total annual purchases. For all other purchases, you earn 1 point for every dollar.

Sign up bonus: Although the SunTrust Business cash Rewards Credit Card doesn't offer a sign up bonus, it does earn 5% cash back for office supplies and fuel in its first year. After you have spent $15,000 in your first three months of account opening, the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card will earn 100k bonus points.

Chase Ultimate Rewards will give you $1,250 towards travel or $1,000 cash back.

Benefits: The SunTrust Cash Rewards Credit Card offers many benefits, including fraud protection, purchase insurance, extended warranty coverage and travel accident insurance.

Cardholders of the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card have access to benefits such as purchase protection, cellphone coverage, extended warranty coverage for purchases made with their card, replacement or loss of card and travel insurance.

Maximizing Rewards

Annual Fees



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