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Truly Simple® Credit Card

Credit needed
11.99% up to 22.99%
Annual Fee

Card Summary

Truly Simple Credit Card offers a balance transfer credit card that has a 0% intro APR for purchases and balance transfers within the first 15 month. The APR will increase to variable rates of 11.99% to 22.99% depending on creditworthiness.

The Fifth Third Bank Card has an annual fee $0, and there is no penalty for late payments.

The benefits include zero liability protection and identity theft protection.

The Best Features:

The Truly Simple Credit Card offers an intro APR of 0% for the first 15 months. This applies to purchases as well as balance transfers.
Based on creditworthiness, thereafter, APRs can range from 11.99% up to 22.99%.
There is no penalty rate for late payments.
Annual Fee: The Truly Simple Credit card has an $0 annual fee.


There are no rewards with the Truly Simple Credit Card.
Balance transfer fee: This fee is equal to 4% or $5 depending on the value of the transfer.
High APR Potentially: The APR can go up to 11.99%-22.99% after the initial rate has expired. This is dependent on creditworthiness.

Card Summary - Cons

Rates and fees

Issuer Name
Fifth Third Bank
Penalty APR
Credit Needed
Balance Transfer Fee
$5, or 4%.
Annual Fee
Cash Advance Fee
You can choose to pay $10 or 5% for each Cash Advance.
11.99% up to 22.99%
Foreign Transaction Fee
Each transaction is charged 3% in U.S. Dollars

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The Best Features


Sign up bonus

APR Requirements



You can save time when you checkout. You can upload your card to one of the three digital wallet options.

There is no annual charge.

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Simply Simple Credit Card Benefits

Cardholders of the Truly Simple Credit Card have many benefits, including:

Protection against identity theft,
No liability coverage.


Comparative Analysis with Other Cards

Maximizing Rewards

Annual Fees



No late fees. Reduced interest charges. Pay off

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