October 28, 2021

How does Bright build more savings?

Bright builds more savings automatically, week by week, always following your goals.

Bright uses MoneyScience™ , its own patented system of 34 algorithms, to study your finances and find smart ways to boost your score. 

How to get started

Once you download the Bright app, we’ll help connect your cards and checking account to Bright. It usually only takes a couple clicks. 

You can always choose which cards to connect, but Bright works best when all your cards are linked. We’ll walk you through it when you sign up, and you can always add more later. 

Always on-time payments

Week by week, Bright makes your card payments for you -- always on time, so you never pay a late fee, and you build a positive payment history, automatically. 

When your payments are on time, your credit history gets healthy, and your credit score almost always goes up.

Bright also makes incremental payments through the month -- more payment behavior that credit bureaus love and usually reward with a boost to your score. 

Better credit utilization

Bright studies your debt -- your APRs, balances and interest charges -- and finds the smartest way to pay them down. 

You can adjust to Bright to pay down the lowest balance first, so more credit is available and your utilization goes down. 

Credit utilization ratio is another big factor in your credit score. The lower your usage, the more likely you’ll get a boost. 

Choose your method

As an alternative, you can adjust Bright to follow two popular debt-payment methods: the Avalanche method or the Snowball method. Bright can follow these strategies, focusing on clearing low balances or targeting high interest charges. Bright will make payments for you accordingly. 

Or you can choose Bright’s MoneyScience™ -- the best of both methods. MoneyScience™ is more adaptive to your spending habits and debts.

Whatever method you choose, Bright does the math and makes payments for you, always on time and always following your goals.

All three methods can boost your credit score, building a positive payment history and lowering your utilization ratio. When you use them with Bright, you’ll see results automatically. 

Add Bright Credit Builder

If your credit score is looking low, Bright Credit Builder offers an easy boost. It’s a simple extra service you can access through your Bright Plan. 

Here’s how it works: We’ll set up a small line of credit and use it for your credit card payments.

Month by month, we’ll pay back the line of credit in automatic re-payments, so you’ll build a positive payment history. The line of credit also counts as available credit, which improves your utilization ratio, too. Both of those activities help boost your credit score -- and Bright does it all automatically.  

Once you sign up for Bright, you can apply for Bright Credit Builder in the menu of your Bright Plan.

Use Bright Balance Transfer

Bright Balance Transfer offers a low-interest line of credit designed to pay off card debt fast while saving you from high interest charges. Once approved, Bright uses the funds from your Bright Balance Transfer to pay off your high-interest cards, moving those debts to our balance transfer program with its lower APR. 

Over the months ahead, Bright automates your new repayments, too, so you pay less in interest and it’s hassle-free. Bright Balance Transfers offers credit lines of up to $10,000 at APRs starting from 9.95%, depending on your eligibility.

                                                                   Bright can help you build more savings.

You’re always in the loop

Whenever you reach a new milestone -- like a jump in your credit score or a credit card is cleared -- Bright sends you a notice or an email. We’ll keep you in the loop on the progress we’re making.

Build more savings, too

While we’re paying off your cards, Bright can build your savings faster, too. Week by week, Bright moves funds from your checking account to your Bright Savings account -- so you’re saving more regularly and earning more interest sooner.

You can set your own savings goals. Or let Bright set them for you. We like to start with an emergency fund and a rainy day fund. But you can also set up special saving pockets -- like a wedding, a vacation or a new car -- that help focus your savings, personalized for you. 

How much does Bright cost?

Bright starts with a free 10-day trial, and we offer three membership plans: $6.99/month paid annually, $8.99/month paid semi-annually or $14.99/month when you pay month by month. 

The average Bright user saves $744 each year on interest charges. If you’re ever not satisfied, Bright offers a money-back guarantee, refunding your membership charge. 

How to get Bright

Download the Bright app from the App Store or Google Play. Connect your bank and your cards, set a few goals and let Bright get to work!

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Pranay Chirla
Technical Content Writer
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