Bright Credit

Refinance high-interest credit card debt¹

No origination fees
No impact on credit score to check your rates²
Payoff debt smarter

Bright Credit

Refinance high-interest credit card debt1

How it works


Check your rate via the Bright App

Download the Bright app to start an application


Review and accept the offer

See your rate and line assignment


Choose which cards to pay down

You can directly refinance multiple cards up to your credit limit


Pay at least your minimum due

You can choose how much to pay each month above your min due


Refinance more of your credit card debt

As you pay down your balance, you can choose more cards to pay down

Check your rates for Bright Credit

Pay down your high interest credit cards
Details about

Bright Credit Fees

Bright Credit is a revolving line of credit. Each month, you choose how much to pay above your minimum due. Pay more to access more balance transfer funds.

Credit limit
$500 - $8,000
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
9% –24.99%
Application fee
Origination fees
Late fees
Prepayment fees
Monthly Minimum Payment
(of the outstanding principal balance plus the accrued interest)
Example minimum monthly payment calculation:
Credit limit
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Outstanding Principal Balance
Monthly minimum payment

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