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Thought Leadership

The 12Ps of Product Leadership

Bright is a company that aims at building world-class product in financial services.

December 6, 2021

We are a Product company at Bright.

We exist to build world-class Consumer Products in Financial Services.

In Financial Services, there is much, much work to do. Too many lethargic monster-large incumbents need a shakeup. There are many new products to build and bring to market.

In our first year alone, we conceived and launched 3 new distinct financial products. They are all in their growth phase today.

For a product company, how we design, build, launch and maintain our products is absolutely core to becoming world-class as a consumer tech product company. We want nothing less than product hit after product hit.

Thus, every Leader at Bright (whether Business, Tech, Data Sciences, HR, or Product) is expected to develop skills as an end-to-end Product-conscious Leader.

We structure our Leadership framework around the end-to-end lifecycle of a product.

It is a P for Product, and so we have the 12 Ps of Leadership at Bright: Purpose, Persona, Product judgement, Problem, Precision, Planning, Progress, Pivot points, Process, People, Presentation and Profit.

Every new Leader is expected to operate at Base. We want to see everyone find their growth to the Strong level at every-P. 

We want each Leader to find at least 3 Ps where they demonstrate truly exceptional ability, and become a flagbearer for this skill within the team.

We are in the business of fast building exceptional Consumer Tech Products. To do so, we must also be in the business of fast-building exceptional Product Leaders.

Article by
Avi Patchava
CEO (joint)
Alex Seyfert
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

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