Bright Builder

Build Credit with on-time payments1

0% APR. No interest fees.
Reported to Equifax and TransUnion.
Payoff debt smarter

How it works


You deposit at least $50 and get a secured loan starting at $50

Your money is held in an FDIC insured account


Pay atleast the Minimum Due on the loan every month

This is the minimum of $10 or 50% of outstanding balance


Every payment is reported to the major credit bureaus

We report to Equifax and TransUnion


You build credit with on-time payments¹

On-time payments can help rebuild your credit score

You receive your deposit back if your close your account and pay your outstanding balance in full. You can also use your deposit to pay off any balance.

Start building credit today!¹

Details about

Bright Builder Account

Interest rate
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Security Deposit
Starting at $50
Application fee
Origination fees
Late fees
Monthly Minimum Payment
Minimum of ($10, 50% of the outstanding balance)
Example minimum monthly payment calculation:
Credit limit
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Outstanding Principal Balance
Monthly minimum payment

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