February 11, 2022

6 ways to do Valentine’s romance on a budget

Valentine’s Day costs can quickly add up, try spicing up your kitchen, or making something homemade.

Do you go big? Or do you hang back? What’s your style on Valentine’s? And, more importantly, what’s that special someone expecting from you? 

Even if you’re dropping major jewelry, small inexpensive gestures can go a long way. Think intimate. Think personal. You’ll end up with something special, and probably spend less than you’d expect. 

Here’s a few no-guilt ways to spend less this Valentine’s:

1. Play date in the kitchen 

Instead of an expensive restaurant, why not stay home and enjoy the time preparing a special home-cooked meal instead? Show off those cooking skills you picked up over the pandemic. Or pick up a new cooking tool – like an extra skillet, a few wooden spoons or some fresh spices, reminders that will stick around the kitchen long after V-day. No last-minute reservations required. 

2. Happiness in homemade

Homemade cards are the best. As long as it shows some effort. Get a glue stick and glitter, (they might be at your supermarket.) and use extra big paper. Take a pair of scissors to an Amazon box and cut out big hearts with a message on each one. If you’re near some wilderness, pick a bouquet instead of tripping to the florist. (Nature is everywhere…) Do iron-ons on a sweatshirt or t-shirt, with a simple love message. (Hit the craft store for that.) Or pull out your phone, work a new filter and make a video you can both share with the world. (Or keep it between your own sexy selves.) 

3. Blow up balloons and then blow their mind

Grab a bag of (uninflated) balloons from the supermarket or the grocery store. Tear some paper into small strips, write fun, sexy messages on each and slip them inside the balloons. Then blow up the balloons and spread them all over. Popping them is only half the fun.

4. Have you met anyone who says no to a good massage?

Set the mood. Fire up some candles. Maybe swing by a health or beauty store and pick up some massage oil. Pamper. Indulge. It’s an old stand-by that never really goes out of style. 

5. Bae, movie and wine: isn’t that paradise?

Even if movie night is a regular thing, mix things up by adding a new streaming service. And go for the free trials. You don’t need to get locked in to a hefty full subscription. Or splurge on a rental – or you both want to see. It’s thoughtful, it’s rewarding, and maybe it’s just special enough.

6. Use your credit card perks and rewards 

If you’re going big, choose the right credit card. Make sure you’re maximizing your rewards or cash back. You might even have points to score a better deal.

Use Bright to stay on budget

If you end up overspending on Valentine’s Day, relying too much on credit cards, don’t sweat it. Bright can help.

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Your personal Bright Plan can keep you on track, showing all your cards’ balances in one place, along with your checking account balance. 

If you don’t have it yet, download the Bright app from the App Store or Google Play. Connect your checking account and cards in a snap, set a few goals and let Bright get to work.

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Pranay Chirla
Technical Content Writer
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