September 8, 2020

The benefits of living debt-free

Wiping your debt can have financial, physical and psychological benefits.

Before start reading this, close your eyes, take 30 seconds and answer your mind when it asks, 'describe in your own words the benefits of living a debt-free life'

Once done, read this article till the end and see how many are common. On that note, let's start!

Debts, large or small, can eat away at you, causing stress and adding costs month after month. But once they’re cleared, living debt-free can have profound benefits - positive changes that can be motivating, keeping you disciplined in your financial strategies. 

Here are few positive changes to keep in mind:

Real financial benefits:

  • Fewer monthly bills. Once you clear your debt and stop using credit cards, your monthly bills start to shrink fast. No more stress about what’s coming, how you’re going to make payments or how much you’ll have left at the end of each month. 
  • More money in the bank. With no interest fees and fewer bills to pay, you’ll have more of your paycheck to enjoy. 
  • A brighter financial future. With more of your paycheck in your pocket, you can save and invest more in your future. That’s stability and peace of mind that only comes with debt-free living.

Solid health benefits:

  • Lower stress. With card payments gone, you won’t devote so much time worrying about payments, what to pay, when to pay and how much to pay. 
  • More positivity. You get to focus on you and your loved ones. You’ll have more time and energy to concentrate on what’s really important. 
  • Less work. No more extra hours at work earning more to cover debt payments. Once you’ve paid off your cards, your time is yours again. 

                                                    Financial advice for living a debt free life.

Deep psychological benefits:

  • Make better choices. Smarter decisions about money impacts almost everything. You’ll make better, more informed choices about other things too. 
  • Feel in control. Once you’ve cleared your debts, you’ve got more control of your money - and the rest of your life. You don’t have to stop to consider your next debt payment before you plan a vacation or take your next big step.
  • See more success. There’s a confidence that comes with mastering your money. You’ll be inspired to do more - and the people around might be too.

How Bright can help you get debt-free faster

Bright finds the fastest, smartest way to pay off your debts, making payments automatically when it saves you the most and always adjusting to your spending habits. 

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Aayush Jain
Senior Marketing Manager
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