October 21, 2021

How does Bright Money work?

A new mission-driven system that deletes debt and builds wealth.

Bright is a new mission-driven system to delete debt, boost credit and build for life after debt. We’re dedicated to delivering life-changing results for everybody.

How Bright Credit works?

Bright Credit is a low-interest line of credit with many benefits. 

First, it’s really easy. It takes about 2 minutes to get started – even if you’ve never qualified for a line of credit or a balance transfer before. You get a credit limit between $500 - $8000. We’ll use it right away to start paying off the credit card of your choice – so you start clearing your card and paying less in interest charges now. Our rates are dramatically lower than what most people pay on credit cards, and it’s locked in for good. You can use the same low rate now and in the years ahead. 

Best of all, your credit limit grows as you go. We do it automatically, month by month, with each on-time payment. So your limit is always expanding.

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How Bright Builder works?

If your credit score is looking low, Bright Builder offers a safe and easy boost. 

Here’s how it works: We’ll set up a small line of credit and use it to pay off your credit cards, moving funds when it makes sense for you. 

But we’ll pay back the line of credit in automatic re-payments, building a fresh, positive payment history for you. The line of credit also counts as available credit, which improves your utilization ratio, too. Both of those activities help boost your credit score -- and Bright does it all for you.  

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How your Bright Plan works?

Bright studies your income and spending habits, then analyzes your credit card debt and other expenses to find the fastest, smartest way to get you debt-free. Just connect your cards and checking account, set a few goals, and let your Bright Plan get to work. 

Bright makes smart card payments for you, doing the math for you, even adapting automatically whenever your finances shift. Bright builds more savings faster too, targeted to your personal goals. And you can choose your own debt pay off method: Snowball or Avalanche. Or just set it and forget it! Let Bright do all the hard work for you ;) 

Set your own pace

Week by week, Bright moves small amounts from your checking account into your Bright Stash, always following your goals and ensuring you have enough for upcoming bills. Bright uses the funds in your Bright Stash to make your card payments and build your savings.

You can always adjust how much Bright pays toward your cards each month, transferring more or less, and we automatically stop moving funds when your account reaches a low balance -- a low-balance limit you can adjust anytime. 

You can even make card payments manually, or add more to your Bright savings whenever you want. Or you can let Bright’s MoneyScience™ make decisions for you.

How Bright Money pays your credit cards?

To get you debt-free faster, we use the funds in your Bright Stash account to make smart payments for you, always on time and always optimized to save you money. 

Our MoneyScience™ system analyzes your cards -- your balances, APRs and interest charges -- and decides how much to pay on each, to save you money and to reach your goals. Then Bright makes your payments for you, often in several small installments during the month, which also helps improve your credit score.

When you set it up first, Bright suggests the best plan for you - we like to prioritize cards with higher interest charges. But you can always organize and re-prioritize payments according to your preferences. 

Whatever strategy you choose, Bright does the math and makes payments for you,  always following your goals.

You can even keep a savings goal at the top of your list as opposed to paying off a credit card - it is entirely up to you. 

Whenever you reach a new milestone -- like a jump in your credit score or a credit card is cleared -- Bright sends you a notice or an email. We’ll keep you in the loop on the progress we’re making.

How Bright Money builds your savings?

To build your savings faster, Bright moves funds week by week -- so you’re saving more regularly.

You can set your own savings goals. Or let Bright set them for you. We like to start with an emergency fund and a rainy day fund. But you can also set up special saving pockets -- dedicated to big events, like a wedding, a vacation or a new car -- that help focus your efforts, personalized for you. 

Save your own way

Set your own goals, check out Bright’s projections, and we’ll move funds automatically, always adapting to your finances and when it makes sense for you. It’s easy and runs automatically. 

Control Bright as you like

You're always in control - you can always adjust how much you want to pay off every month and how much you want to save. You can adjust the minimum balance limit on your checking account, and you can access the funds in your Bright Stash account whenever you want. 

You can pause Bright for a period, and we’ll stop making payments. And you can always shift strategies, moving from Avalanche to Snowball to our Bright Plan method.

Withdraw funds any time

Your money is always available to you. Any funds held in your Bright Stash account can be returned to your checking account whenever you want. 

You can access your savings anytime you want too. 

How Bright works for everybody

Bright works for everybody, for every goal and every plan. You can use Bright when things get overwhelming, and you need to pay off multiple credit cards. Or Bright can take one or two cards off your plate, simply automating your payments.  

Regardless of your finances, Bright adapts and works seamlessly, always focused on your goals and delivering real results. 

As a mission-driven company, we’re aiming to help everyone benefit from AI-driven financial planning. We believe the impact can be massive. And that Bright can help everyone reach financial well-being. 

Bright is built to be simple, personalized and automated -- three foundational factors that actually mark a revolutionary shift in American financial life, solving fundamental problems holding back many Americans. 

So easy to use -- and so smart about finances -- Bright’s technology can be transformative for every user, with results that outsmart banks and outpace expensive wealth advisors. 

It’s powerful, world-class financial technology that Bright helps everyone use.

How to get Bright?

If you don’t have it yet, download the Bright app from the App Store or Google Play. Connect your bank and your cards in a snap, then sign up for a balance transfer, our credit builder service and just let Bright get to work paying off your cards and building for life after debt.

Pranay Chirla
Technical Content Writer
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