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Bright Builder Card

Build credit at 0% APR¹.

Rebuild your credit one swipe at a time¹. Don't let your credit past dictate your financial future.
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Why Bright Builder Card?

How it works


Start with a refundable deposit as low as $30. Your deposit equals your credit limit.

Get your deposit back when you close your card³.


Spend on your card.

Keep your spending below 30% of your credit limit to see the best results. Spend normally, build credit simply¹.


Pay at least the minimum amount due on the card every month.

Paying back the dues builds credit history.


We report your payments to the credit bureaus.

We report to Equifax and TransUnion.


You build credit with on-time payments¹.

On-time payments can help increase your credit score¹.

You get your security deposit back after clearing any remaining outstanding balance if you decide to close your card³.
Rebuild credit with on-time payments¹
Start Building Credit Today¹!
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Details about

Bright Builder Card

0% APR
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Security Deposit
Starting at $30
Credit limit
$30 - $1000
Annual fee
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Get the most out of your Bright Builder card

Tap to pay
Pay on the go with contactless payments.
Greater coverage
Use your Bright Builder card anywhere VISA cards are accepted.
Account protection
Freeze your card from the app with just a single tap. Un-freeze anytime.

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