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Welcome to the School of MoneyScience™.

A new resource for financial

Build a smarter future.

Our School of MoneyScience™ offers resources for everyone, from help with fundamentals to smart ways to grow your money. 

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Why MoneyScience?

 tech for you.

Advanced tech for you. Learns your needs and habits, to clear your debt and grow your savings.

Simple and

Simple and automatic.
Pays your bills, keeps your budget, and saves you 
money automatically.

Radically personalized.

Radically personalized. Your goals, your pace. It’s a smarter, easier 
way to build wealth.

The Transformative Power of MoneyScience™

New, essential reading from the founders of Bright. Read about the technology, the people who built it, and some of the lives they’ve helped change. Coming Winter 2021.

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