November 28, 2023

Can you Cash Barclays Credit Card Checks?

Everything you need to know about cashing Barclays credit card checks. Learn the process, benefits, and potential pitfalls in this comprehensive guide.


In recent years, credit cards have become part of everyday life. According to Forbes, 84% of adults in the United States have a credit card, and approximately 73% of Americans acquire their first credit card by age 25, marking it as the most prevalent initial credit experience among young adults. In this context, Barclays credit card checks can be a valuable financial tool, giving cardholders the flexibility to access credit when needed. 

What are these checks, though, and can you cash them like regular checks? In this blog, we'll dive into Barclays credit card checks, shedding light on their purpose, how to obtain them, and most importantly, whether you can encash them. Learning more about Barclays credit card checks is crucial for sound financial decision-making and managing credit effectively. 

Understanding Barclays Credit Card Checks 

Barclays credit card checks, also known as convenience checks, allow cardholders to access their available credit line without using their physical card. Barclays and many other popular issuers frequently send check booklets in the mail as an added feature for customers to conveniently obtain funds.

These checks carry your name, account number, and usually, the card brand, such as Visa or Mastercard, imprinted on them. You simply fill out the Barclays check payable to an individual or merchant or leave it blank to cash it. The recipient can then deposit or cash the check through their bank by endorsing it, just like a typical personal check.

When you use a Barclays check, the amount is treated as a cash advance on your account rather than a normal purchase. This means interest starts accruing immediately with no grace period, unlike purchases with an interest-free grace period before finance charges apply. Cash advances also incur fees, usually around 3% of the amount or $10 minimum.

Additionally, promotional 0% APRs on purchases do not apply to credit card check transactions. The costs can quickly multiply, so it is wise to use Barclays checks only when necessary and in a financially responsible manner. Carefully consider alternate options before relying on the convenience of credit card checks. Here’s how a convenience check looks like:

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Cashing a Barclays Check  

Cashing Barclays credit card checks provides an easy way to access cash from your available credit limit. When you receive Barclays checks in the mail, you can write them like a personal check to access your credit line. To properly cash a Barclays check:

  • Verify you have enough available credit on your account to cover the check amount. Look at your latest statement or check your balance online. Make sure cashing the check will not put you over your limit.
  • Fill out the check payable for the desired amount up to your available credit. Sign the back of the check to endorse it like a regular personal check. Include your account number below your signature.

You can now cash the check a few different ways. Take it to your bank or credit union and cash it there with a proper ID. Alternatively, you can cash Barclays checks at various check-cashing stores and retailers. Places like Walmart, grocery stores, and convenience stores will often cash checks for a small fee with valid ID.

The check will appear as a cash advance on your following credit card statement. Cash advances typically have higher interest rates than regular purchases. Cashing Barclays checks provides quick access to available credit but uses them responsibly.

Benefits of Cashing Barclays Credit Card Checks

There are several advantages to cashing a Barclays convenience check rather than simply using your physical credit card. They include:

  • Immediate Cash Access: Cashing a Barclays check enables you to obtain cash immediately without using an ATM or waiting for a credit card purchase transaction to process. This provides faster access to funds when you need physical cash right away
  • Check Promotions: Some Barclays check offers come with promotional interest rates for a set period, such as 0% APR for 12-18 months. Cashing the checks might allow you to take advantage of these lower introductory rates on the cash advance amount
  • Credit Limit Preservation: When cash Barclays checks, the transaction comes from your available credit limit. This preserves your remaining credit on the card for regular purchases, rather than maxing out your credit line with a cash advance
  • Avoid Merchant Transaction Fees:  Cashing a check means you pay no merchant transaction fees that you would typically incur when making credit card purchases
  • Wider Acceptance: Merchants and financial institutions widely accept Barclays checks drawn on major card brands like Visa or MasterCard. You can use the funds anywhere the check brand is accepted, regardless of whether your actual Barclays card is accepted
  • Emergency Financial Support: Having the ability to cash Barclays checks can provide critical emergency funds between paychecks when you may have limited alternatives. Quick cash access gives a safety net in the event of unforeseen expenses

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Risks and Considerations

As convenient as credit card checks are, they come with some significant drawbacks:

  • High-Interest Rates: Expect to pay a much higher annual interest rate than purchases, often over 20%. This rate applies as soon as the check funds are used
  • Cash Advance Fees: A cash advance fee applies when you cash or deposit a check, typically around 3% of the amount with a minimum of $10
  • No Grace Period: Interest accrues from the date cashed with no interest-free grace period like the purchases offer. This compounds costs
  • Credit Utilization Spikes: Cashing checks can increase your credit card balance, increasing your credit utilization ratio, which can hurt your credit score
  • Risk of Overspending: Quick access to more available cash can lead to poor spending decisions and expensive credit card debt

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Alternatives to Cashing Credit Card Checks 

Given the high costs involved, you may want to consider alternatives to generate needed funds:

  • Credit Card Purchases: Your credit card likely has a lower purchase interest rate. Take a cash advance at the ATM up to your daily limit instead
  • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit: Banks and credit unions offer installment loans and lines of credit at lower rates than credit card cash advances
  • Payday Advance Apps: Apps like Earnin and Dave provide free payday advances based on hours you've worked.
  • 401(k) Loans: If available from your employer, 401(k) loans typically have low interest rates, around 5-7%, and allow repayment over five years
  • Friends and Family: Ask trusted friends or family for a loan with more favorable terms to avoid expensive fees. Just be sure to formalize the terms and payback schedule

Tips For Cashing Barclays Credit Card Checks 

Cashing Barclays credit card checks provides quick access to cash but should be used selectively and responsibly to avoid financial pitfalls. Here are some smart tips for keeping your finances healthy when using Barclays checks:

  • Minimize Fees - Only request small checks upfront to avoid check order fees. Reorder new checks only when necessary to conserve costs
  • Pay Off Balances Quickly - Make payments well above the minimum to rapidly pay down the costly cash advance balance and limit expensive interest charges
  • Have a Repayment Plan - Before cashing the check, budget and prepare for how you will repay the debt. Don't take on credit without a clear plan to repay it
  • Balance with Other Accounts - Use a separate, secondary credit card strictly for rare check cashing. Maintain your primary card for lower-rate purchases only
  • Track Spending Diligently - Carefully monitor where the money will avoid overspending, which creates deeper credit card debt
  • Explore Alternatives - Check cashing should only be a last resort. First, consider more affordable solutions like personal loans or borrowing from family
  • Use Selectively for True Emergencies - Only cash Barclays checks in worst-case scenarios after smarter options are exhausted. Avoid pointless Spending

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Barclays convenience checks give cardholders an easy way to access available credit by writing a check from the account. The check can be cashed or deposited to withdraw funds against your credit line. However, cashing the checks incurs fees and high interest rates from the start as a cash advance transaction.

Before cashing a Barclays credit card check, compare costs against other options like balance transfers, personal loans, or payday advance apps. With responsible use, Barclays checks offer a cash flow solution when you need funds immediately in an emergency. 

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1. Do promotional purchase interest rates apply when cashing Barclays credit card checks?

No, promotional purchase interest rates do not apply while cashing Barclays credit checks. 

2. Does cashing a Barclays check allow me to access more funds than my daily ATM cash advance limit?

Yes, credit card check amounts depend on your overall available credit line, not the daily ATM withdrawal limit. 

3. Can I cash a Barclays check at my bank or local retailer?

Yes, most banks, stores like Walmart, and check cashing places accept endorsed Barclays checks. 

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