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December 20, 2021

Are horoscopes good for financial planning?

Use horoscope as a tool for self-understanding, asking yourself questions about your habits & goals.

We live in a loud, tilted world, where anybody can declare themselves an authority on anything, from 5 spice chicken to balancing checkbooks. So why not look to the stars for financial advice?

Over 30% of Millennials have made a financial decision based on their horoscope, according to a LendingTree study, mostly around spending and saving but also on investments and for decisions as big as changing jobs. 

One popular lifestyle site claims Libras, Pisces and Sagittarians spend the most money, while Capricorns and Virgos are “thrifty as hell.” Statistically, according to LendingTree, Sagittarians have the lowest average credit scores of all the signs. 

Horoscopes and the zodiac are as popular as ever, since their rise in 1970s, and a trend likely linked to our uncertain times. When we aren’t sure what’s ahead, we start questioning conventions and looking for alternatives, including new sources for financial advice. 

Is there money in the stars?

Astrologers aren't so off the charts. Their process usually involved asking you questions, looking at your behavior and trying to find patterns. In other words: data collection and analysis, a process that’s really just a click away from the surveys and questionnaires used by financial advisors. 

The better you understand your own patterns of behavior, the better you can plan for the years ahead. For some of us, astrology provides a familiar, friendly framework. 

If you think of yourself as a Pisces who loves binge shopping, you might approach budgeting and financial goal setting with that behavior built in. 

If you’re a Capricorn who’s a homebody, maybe a mortgage is a predictable goal, while self-avowed Geminis, ones who embrace a dual mindset, might be happy accommodating their own flexibility, a future that may or may not involve buying a home. 

Bottom line, the more information you have about yourself, the better you can plan and respond to uncertainty. But for astrology to be helpful, you still need to be thoughtful about money and engage with a plan. And for some of us, that might be a challenge for our zodiac natures. 

Charting our uncertainty 

Clear-eyed thinking about money is never easy, and the kind of uncertainties we’re all facing now aren’t helping many of us keep a calm head. 

From inflation to the supply chain to unpredictable Covid variants, we’re living with more unpredictability than usual, potentially upending the best laid plans, regardless of how well we know ourselves. 

Most of us are finding it difficult to afford gas and food right now, according to a recent YouGov poll. And more than a quarter of Americans expect things to get worse in 2022. 

That level of insecurity should be acknowledged and understood. These are unprecedented times, and the months ahead call for informed and thoughtful money management. 

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Pranay Chirla
Technical Content Writer
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