February 29, 2024

Is it best to get a loan to pay off your credit card debt?

Explore the pros and cons, factors to consider, and alternatives before considering a loan to pay off your credit card debt.

No one wants to take the burden of high-interest rates that cause stress and financial strain. But if you already have Credit Card Debt and want to clear the bill without paying extra interest, you should explore different options for consolidation. A personal loan is one of the best options to pay off the bill because it eliminates the monthly high-interest rate and consolidates debt into the monthly personal loan payment. 

A personal loan can be a good decision, but it is not a one-size solution that all can choose. Every person’s financial situation is unique. So, before making any decision, you must consider factors such as loan interest, fees, and terms & conditions. 

Is a personal loan the best solution to pay Credit Card Debt?

We can’t say that a personal loan is the best solution to pay off the debt because there are many options, such as balance transfer, peer-to-peer loans, debt management, home equity loans, etc. But it can be a good option for those looking for lower interest rates, improved credit scores, simplified repayment, etc. You must carefully evaluate your financial situation and goals before deciding.

Advantages of Personal Loan to Consolidate the Credit Card Debt

Debt consolidation by using a personal loan has various benefits. Here are the biggest reasons to choose a personal loan to clear your bill:

  • Lower Interest Rates

Personal loans come with lower interest rates than credit cards, especially if you have a good credit score. According to a Bankrate study, the average annual card rate was 21.19% in August 2023, and the average interest rate for personal loans was 11.93 percent on Feb. 1, 2024. So, if you plan to consolidate debt into a personal loan, you can save a lot of money.

  • Simplified Repayment

Managing multiple card payments is a big task, and you might forget to pay the bill on time. When you take a personal loan, you will pay only once a month, and it is an easy way to reach your financial stability. In this option, you need not focus on multiple places; you can automate the payment so the amount is automatically credited to your personal loan account. It saves you from stress and will clear all your debt effortlessly and easily. 

  • Fixed Repayment Terms

Personal loans keep your mind calm because they come with fixed repayment terms. It is a structured plan to become debt-free. You don't need to worry about interest rates. You only save a particular amount that you will pay monthly. 

  • Flexible Loan Amount

If you pay a minimum amount of your bill, it will take time to become debt-free. With a personal loan, you can clear all your debt in one go, giving you flexibility in loan amount. But you must pay your loan amount monthly on time.

  • Improve Credit Score

Paying your credit card bill with a personal loan positively impacts your credit score. It increases 10% of your score. It lowers your credit utilization ratio, helps you to manage debt responsibly, and boosts your creditworthiness.

Disadvantages of Personal Loan 

  • Personal Loan Fees

Some organizations take extra fees, such as application fees, organization fees, prepayment penalties, etc., for personal loans, which increases borrowing money. These fees are a percentage of the loan amount. To resolve this problem, you find an organization that can give you an exact interest rate that you can pay.

  • Extended Repayment Period

The repayment period of a personal loan is longer than a credit card. This lowers your monthly payment, but you will pay for a longer period.

  • Risk of More Debt

If you habitually use the card, it can cause you more debt. That means you are increasing your debt and did not learn from your experience. When you have a personal loan, avoiding overspending or using your card to pay is important. It can worsen your situation and impact your credit score and financial health.

  • Negative Impact on Credit Score

If you miss a loan payment, it can negatively impact your score. And you are not able to apply for a new loan.

Things to Consider Before Taking a Debt Consolidation Loan

Before deciding to take a personal loan, try to repay it because the debt loan is not a good choice. But, if you decide to take it, consider the following things:

  • Interest Rates: You should compare the interest rates of multiple lenders and decide which is giving the lower interest rate so you can save money.
  • Repayment Terms: Before taking a personal loan, review the terms that include the terms and monthly payment. So you can comfortably afford them.
  • Fees and Charges: You should be aware of the fees associated with the loan because these charges will add to your borrowing money. 
  • Loan Amount: You must know how much money you need to clear all your debt. So you can decide the loan amount.
  • Credit Score: To get a lower interest rate on the loan, you should check your credit scores. It is important to understand how the personal loan affects your score.
  • Financial Condition: Consider your current financial situation before taking a loan. Make sure you have sufficient money to clear the personal loan.
  • Alternate Options: Before taking a loan, consider alternative options such as budgeting, negotiating with a credit issuer, etc.

How To Get a Personal Loan To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

You can follow this step-by-step guide on how to get a personal loan:

  • Check your Credit Score: First, you check your credit score. You can get a loan with a lower interest rate if you have a high score.
  • Research Lenders: Prepare a list of lenders and compare them based on fees, interest rates, and loan terms.
  • Gather Documents: Prepare all the necessary documents, such as ID proof, employment verification, and income proof. 
  • Apply for Pre-Approval: Apply for pre-approval from multiple lenders. It allows you to see what loan terms you qualify for.
  • Submit Your Application: Once you decide on the lender, submit your application. Be prepared to provide detailed information.
  • Review Loan Terms: Carefully review the loan terms, such as monthly payment, terms, fees, etc.
  • Accept the Offer: Accept the offer and sign the loan agreement.


Overall, consolidating credit debt with a personal loan can offer various benefits such as saving money, lowering interest rates, simplifying debt management, improving credit, and more. However, it is crucial to understand a personal loan's pros and cons and look at your financial situation. Before applying for any loan, consider alternatives such as budgeting, debt repayment plans, etc. By making a good decision, you can take control of your debt and secure your financial future. But if you are considering debt consolidation, Bright Money can help. We have financial experts who can give you personalized guidance, and you can make the right decision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I consider getting a loan to repay my credit card debt?

A personal save your money on interest, offer a structured repayment plan and simplify debt management.

2. How is getting a loan right for me?

Before deciding, consider factors such as fees, interest rate, ability to pay monthly payments, and debt management strategy.

3. Will getting a loan affect my credit score?

When you apply for a loan, the lender inquiries on your credit report, which can temporarily lower your credit score. However, your credit score will improve when you repay the debt with a loan.

4. Are there alternative options to consider besides getting a loan?

Yes, there are many alternatives, such as budgeting, negotiating with issuers, taking assistance from a credit counselor, balancing transfers, and more.







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