August 18, 2023

Renting a Home: How to Raise Credit Score

Boost Your Credit Score with Renting: A Comprehensive Guide

In order to acquire attractive lending terms and maintain financial stability, a good credit score is necessary. However, current data from credit agencies show that many people had difficulty maintaining or raising their credit ratings for a variety of reasons, including a lack of credit history. In fact, as of 2023, 45 million Americans were classified as “credit invisible”[7], meaning they lacked a credit score or the credit history necessary to calculate one in the first place.

Renting a home may be an effective way for people in this situation to raise their credit score. A favorable history of rental payments can be a useful alternative source of credit information, providing insight into a person’s dependability and accountability with money.

In this article, we explore the ways in which renting can positively impact your credit score, backed by data, and offer practical tips to help you achieve your financial goals.

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What Impacts Credit Scores

To fully appreciate the benefits of rent reporting, it is essential to understand credit scores and the factors that influence them. Credit scores typically range from 300 to 850, with higher scores indicating better creditworthiness. The following factors contribute to your credit score:

  • Payment History (35%): Your payment history is one of the most significant factors in determining your credit score. Consistently making on-time payments for all your financial obligations, including rent, is crucial for building a positive credit history
  • Credit Utilization (30%): Credit utilization refers to the amount of available credit you use. Maintaining a low credit utilization ratio—ideally below 30%—shows responsible credit management
  • Length of Credit History (15%): The length of your credit history is the average age of your credit accounts. The longer your credit history, the more positively it can impact your score
  • Credit Mix (10%): A diverse credit mix, including credit cards, installment loans, and retail accounts, can boost your credit score. However, avoid opening too many new accounts in a short period, as it may lower your score
  • New Credit Inquiries (10%): Each time you apply for new credit, a hard inquiry is placed on your credit report. Multiple inquiries within a short period can temporarily lower your score.

By understanding these factors, you can tailor your financial habits to optimize your credit score while taking advantage of rent reporting.[1]

Connection Between Renting and Credit Scores

Traditionally, rent payments were not factored into credit scores, making it challenging for renters to build credit through their monthly payments. However, this situation has changed with the introduction of alternative credit reporting methods.

Renters now have more opportunities to establish credit, thanks to the inclusion of rent payments in credit reports through alternative credit reporting techniques. Renters who used rent reporting services saw an average rise of 60 points in their credit scores [8] after six months, per TransUnion research, one of the major credit reporting agencies. The possible influence that rent reporting may have on credit scores is highlighted by this data.[2]

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How Rent Reporting Works

Rent reporting is a process that involves sharing rental payment information with credit bureaus for inclusion in your credit report. Traditional credit scoring models mainly consider credit cards, loans, and other debt when calculating credit scores. By incorporating rent data, individuals without significant credit histories can showcase their seriousness in terms of taking and fulfilling financial responsibility.

Rent reporting services partner with property management companies to access rental payment data. These services then report the information to the credit bureaus. Once included in your credit report, your rental payment history can influence your credit score positively.

It's important to note that not all landlords or property management companies participate in rent reporting. If you want to benefit from this strategy, consider discussing it with your landlord or seek out properties managed by companies that work with rent reporting services.[3]

Incorporating Rent Reporting into Your Financial Strategy

To make the most of rent reporting, follow these steps:

1) Choosing the Right Rent Reporting Service

Before you start reaping the benefits of rent reporting, it's crucial to select the right rent reporting service. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • Data Reporting to Major Credit Bureaus: Ensure that the rent reporting service reports data to one or more major credit bureaus, such as Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Reporting to multiple bureaus increases the favorable impact on your credit score
  • Rental Payment Verification: Choose a service that verifies your rental payments with your landlord or property management company to ensure accurate reporting
  • Cost and Fees: Be aware of any fees associated with rent reporting services. Some services may offer free basic reporting, while others may charge a monthly or one-time fee for additional features
  • User Reviews and Reputation: Research well to ascertain the reputation of the rent reporting service. Read online reviews and ratings to gauge the reputation and reliability of the rent reporting service.

2) Check with Your Landlord

If you're already renting a property, check with your landlord or property management company if they participate in rent reporting. If not, consider discussing the possibility of rent reporting with them or look for properties managed by companies that offer rent reporting services.

3) Consistently Pay Rent On Time

The key to benefiting from rent reporting is to make timely rental payments every month. Set reminders or automate your payments to avoid delays. Consider setting up standing instructions through a specific bank account to initiate and release payments on time.

4) Monitor Your Credit Report

Regularly check your credit report to ensure your rent payments are accurately reported. Report any discrepancies promptly to the credit bureaus or rent reporting service. Track every outflow to understand your credit situation well.

5) Build a Holistic Credit Strategy

While rent reporting can have a positive impact on your credit score, it's essential to build a comprehensive credit strategy. Apply responsible credit practices, maintain low credit card balances, and diversify your credit mix to maximize your credit score potential.[4]

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How does reporting rent help to build credit? Bright Money

Benefits of Rent Reporting on Credit Scores

Rent reporting can be a valuable tool for individuals looking to strengthen their financial standing and gain access to better credit opportunities. By incorporating rent payments into credit reports, individuals can get the following benefits. Now, let's dive into more details to understand the advantages:

1. Building Credit History

Rent reporting provides an opportunity for individuals with limited or no credit history to establish a positive credit track record. According to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), around 45 million Americans, representing about 19% of the adult population [9], have either no credit history or insufficient credit data to generate a traditional credit score.

By reporting on-time rent payments to credit bureaus, these individuals can demonstrate to potential lenders and landlords how financially responsible they are. Establishing a positive credit history is crucial because it acts as a foundation for future credit applications.

As they continue to make timely rent payments, individuals can demonstrate their ability to handle financial commitments responsibly, which may positively impact their creditworthiness.

2. Credit Score Improvement

For individuals who already have credit scores, rent reporting can lead to an average rise of 60 points in their credit scores [10] after six months. Adding a positive payment history from rent can offset any negative marks or late payments on other credit accounts. This diversification of credit data can provide a more comprehensive view of an individual's credit behavior and may lead to a higher credit score.

Improving credit scores can have far-reaching benefits. A higher credit score not only enhances access to credit but also reflects positively on an individual's financial health. It signals to lenders that the individual is less risky and more likely to repay debt responsibly.

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3. Easier Access to Credit

A higher credit score resulting from rent reporting can lead to better access to credit products with more favorable terms and lower interest rates. Lenders and financial institutions generally offer their best deals to customers with excellent credit scores.

With an improved credit profile, individuals may qualify for premium credit cards with attractive rewards, higher credit limits, and lower fees. Additionally, they may secure loans, such as personal loans or auto loans, at lower interest rates, ultimately saving money on interest payments over time.

Overall, the benefits of rent reporting on credit scores extend beyond the financial realm. A solid credit history and a positive credit score can also influence other aspects of life, such as rental applications, insurance premiums, and even employment opportunities. By taking advantage of rent reporting services, individuals can proactively build a strong financial foundation for a more secure and prosperous future.[5]

Who Can Reap These Benefits?

Rent reporting provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who have struggled to establish a credit history or improve their existing credit scores. Here's how it can benefit different groups:

  • Young Adults and Students: Young adults or college students often start with limited credit histories. Rent reporting enables them to build credit while pursuing their education or starting their careers
  • Immigrants and New Residents: Individuals who have recently moved to a new country or region may have limited or no credit history in their new location. Rent reporting allows them to prove their ability to take financial responsibility and open doors to more financial opportunities
  • Individuals with Poor Credit: For those with past financial challenges or poor credit, rent reporting provides a fresh start. Consistently paying rent on time can help offset negative marks and demonstrate improved financial behavior
  • Recovering from Financial Hardships: People who have experienced bankruptcy or other financial setbacks can use rent reporting to rebuild their credit scores over time
  • Existing Credit Holders: Even individuals with established credit histories can benefit from rent reporting. Adding a positive payment history from their rental property can enhance their credit profiles and increase their credit scores

Is Renting with a Co-Signer a Good Move?

If you're unable to secure a rental property due to a low credit score or lack of credit history, consider renting with a co-signer. A co-signer with a strong credit history can reassure landlords and property managers, increasing your chances of being approved for the rental.

However, be cautious when opting for a co-signer arrangement. Any late payments or negative financial behavior on your part will also impact the co-signer’s credit, potentially straining your relationship.[6]


Renting a house can be an effective means to increase your credit score. By using rent reporting services and implementing responsible financial habits, you can gradually improve your creditworthiness and open up new opportunities through which you can access better financial options.

Remember to choose the right rent reporting service, pay your bills on time, maintain a diversified credit mix, and keep an eye on your credit reports for accuracy. Building a positive credit history while renting will set you on the path to a brighter financial future.

Remember that improving your credit score takes time and consistent effort. Be patient, stay disciplined with your finances, and watch your credit score steadily rise. With the right approach, renting a house can be a stepping stone toward achieving your financial goals and securing a stable financial future.

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Q. How long does it take for rent reporting to impact my credit score?

The impact of rent reporting on your credit score may vary, but positive changes can be observed within a few months of consistent on-time payments.

Q. Can rent reporting services report rental history retroactively?

Most rent reporting services only report data from the time you enroll in their service. They don't typically include past rental payments.

Q. Will rent reporting services notify me if there are errors in my credit report?

Rent reporting services don't have direct access to your credit report. However, they work with credit bureaus, and any discrepancies found should be reported to the bureaus.

Q. Can rent reporting services help improve my credit score if I have negative marks in my credit history?

Rent reporting can positively impact your credit score by adding a positive payment history. However, it may not directly remove negative marks.

Q. Will my landlord know if I enroll in a rent reporting service?

Rent reporting services usually handle the reporting process discreetly and won't directly inform your landlord about you employing the agency’s services

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