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May 29, 2021

8 reasons why your credit score is important

A healthy credit score can impact all corners of life.

A healthy credit score can impact all corners of life. When managed responsibly, good credit can offer more opportunities and dramatically alter your course in life.

Let’s look at several ways, big and small, your credit score matters.

More credit options

Good credit often leads to more credit. Once you’ve demonstrated a solid history of good credit behavior, you’re likely to earn more opportunities to borrow. 

With good credit, you can access more and bigger loans, which can expand your options on car loans and mortgages. You can shop for more kinds of cars and expect to afford a broader range of housing. 

Faster approvals

Good credit leads to a faster review process when you apply for loans. For home buying, that includes prequalifying for financing, which can give you a leg up in competitive markets. For other big purchases, like cars, you can approach a dealership with confidence, knowing how much you can afford. 

Easier renting

Credit reports are a major factor in landlords’ decision-making. Many expect a credit score of 660 or higher. 

When your credit report also includes a history of on-time rent payments and other good credit behavior, you’re more likely to stand apart from other candidates. 

Lower cost credit

Demonstrating you know how to manage your credit and repay your debts can lead some lenders to offer better terms and options. 

For example, a good credit score can lead to a mortgage with a lower interest rate, lower APRs on your credit cards and personal loans, and lower fees and penalties across the board. 

More rewards

Along with lower interest rates, some lenders will compete to offer you more credit, adding perks and rewards to attract your business. 

Discounts on airlines and with popular retailers, along with cashback programs, are often used to entice your business.

                                                                       Benefits of a good credit score.

Utilities and insurance savings

Utilities may lower their requirements for security deposits, and insurance providers often discount their rates for customers with healthy credit scores. 

More confident employers

For jobseekers, a solid credit history can signal to prospective employers that you’re responsible and reliable. An estimated 29% of employers check credit scores in their review process. 

Good credit avoids a potential red flag for employers. It’s also another way to stand out from other candidates.

Bragging rights

Good, responsible credit behavior is worth bragging about. Share your rewards proudly, and use your good credit to celebrate others. 

The best reward of good credit management is the opportunity to lift and enrich the lives of friends and family.

Keep learning

Looking for a refresher on the basics? Take a look at our brief guide to the fundamentals of credit.

If you’re looking to boost your score, check out a few simple ways to build your credit here. 

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