November 8, 2023

The 10 Best Unsecured Loan Lenders with Low APRs

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Are you needing financial assistance but don't want to put up collateral? Unsecured loans online could be the solution you're looking for. According to reports, Unsecured personal loan balances grew by 32% at the start of 2023. These loans don't require collateral, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking funds without risking their assets. However, finding the right lender with a low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can be daunting. 

But before we get into the topic, it is recommended to first read about Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit in detail by Bright Money!

In this article, we've compiled a list of the ten best unsecured loan lenders with low APR to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans provide a no-collateral option for quick access to funds, which is ideal when you need money without risking your assets. These loans evaluate your financial management skills and repayment ability rather than requiring collateral.

Unlike other loan types, unsecured loans offer a swift and paperwork-light application process, making them a valuable resource in times of urgency. However, interest rates might be slightly higher due to the increased risk to lenders. On the bright side, responsible repayment of unsecured loans can enhance your financial credibility, potentially leading to better loan terms in the future and building your credit.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Applying?

Before you get an unsecured loan, remember a few essential things. These factors can help you make an intelligent decision and avoid surprises

  • Credit Score: Your credit score is just like your financial report card. Lenders look at it to decide if they can trust you with a loan
  • Income and Stability: Lenders want to know you have a steady income to repay the loan. They'll ask about your job or any other source of money you have. Having a stable income boosts your chances of approval
  • Loan Amount: Figure out how much money you need. Borrowing more than you need could mean paying back more than necessary
  • Interest Rates: The interest rate is the extra money you pay on top of the loan amount. Lower interest rates are better because you'll pay less overall

Bright Credit: Your Path to Debt Freedom

Bright Credit offers a simple solution for credit card debt. Bright Money’s unsecured loans are like a helpful hand in managing and getting rid of debt. You don't need to risk anything valuable; the application is easy. The best part is these loans can simplify your debts and might even reduce the interest you pay. When you repay them responsibly, it not only clears your debts but also makes your credit score better, so you can have more financial opportunities. Bright Credit is the way to go for a debt-free future with their unsecured loans.

10 Best Unsecured Loan Lenders with Low APRs

According to reports, Unsecured personal loan balances reached a record high of $222 billion in Q4 2022. So here are the top 10 unsecured personal loan lenders for you:

1. Prosper: Empowering Your Financial Aspirations

Prosper is a prominent name in the lending market, known for its competitive APRs and commitment to empowering borrowers. What sets Prosper apart is not just its attractive APRs but its user-friendly platform that simplifies the borrowing process. Navigating through the complexities of borrowing becomes easier with Prosper's transparent fee structure and flexible repayment terms. These attributes make Prosper a sought-after choice for individuals seeking unsecured loans that support their financial aspirations.

2. LendingClub: A Pioneer in Peer-to-Peer Lending

LendingClub has revolutionized lending by introducing a peer-to-peer model that connects borrowers with individual investors. This unique approach transcends traditional lending institutions and creates a community of financial support. Alongside this innovative structure, LendingClub offers borrowers a diverse range of minimum loan amounts, ensuring that individual financial needs are met. Coupled with competitive APRs, this personalized approach positions LendingClub as a frontrunner in the unsecured lending landscape.

3. Marcus by Goldman Sachs: Reliability Redefined

When reliability and credibility are paramount, Marcus by Goldman Sachs stands out. With the backing of the reputable Goldman Sachs, Marcus offers borrowers a sense of security that few can match. The focus on transparency is evident through their fixed-rate unsecured loans, devoid of hidden fees that can surprise borrowers. This transparency enables borrowers to plan their financial journey effectively and underscores Marcus's commitment to their customers' financial success.

4. SoFi: Where Finance Meets Holistic Growth

SoFi transcends the conventional lending paradigm by embracing a holistic approach to financial wellness. Beyond their competitive rates on unsecured personal loans, SoFi offers a range of member benefits, including career coaching and financial planning services. This unique blend of financial assistance and personal growth support sets SoFi apart from the competition. Moreover, the absence of origination fees makes their loans even more attractive to borrowers seeking a comprehensive lending experience.

5. Discover Personal Loans: Customer-Centric Excellence

Discover Personal Loans has earned its reputation through a customer-centric approach that emphasizes flexibility and transparency. Discover's unsecured loans come with a reputation for excellent customer service along with a broad range of options to tailor loans according to individual needs. Competitive APRs add to the allure, making Discover a lender of choice for those who prioritize a personalized borrowing experience. Additionally, the absence of application fees ensures that borrowers can access funds without unnecessary financial burdens.

6. Upstart: Innovating Beyond Credit Scores

Upstart stands at the forefront of innovation, taking a holistic approach to lending that goes beyond traditional credit scores. By considering factors beyond credit payment history, Upstart often delivers lower APRs to borrowers, enabling them to access funds with favorable terms. This unique approach not only recognizes the multidimensional nature of creditworthiness but also creates a pathway for individuals with the potential to secure financial support that aligns with their goals. Upstart's popularity is a testament to the effectiveness of its innovative lending model.

7. Avant: Bridging Financial Inclusivity

Avant specializes in providing unsecured loans for individuals who may not have a perfect credit history. With a focus on inclusivity, Avant offers a straightforward application process that empowers borrowers to access funds without unnecessary complications. Reasonable APRs add to the allure, making Avant a welcoming choice for those who have faced financial challenges but are determined to secure a brighter future. Avant stands as a beacon of financial inclusivity in the lending landscape.

8. Upgrade: Elevating Borrowing for Debt Consolidation

For those seeking debt management or managing significant expenses, Upgrade offers a tailored solution through their unsecured personal loans. Competitive APRs and a spectrum of repayment terms make Upgrade a lender of choice for individuals looking to regain financial control. Beyond the numbers, Upgrade's commitment to transparency ensures that the borrowers understand the terms of their loans. This focus on education empowers borrowers to make sound financial decisions that resonate with their long-term goals.

9. Best Egg: Streamlined Efficiency for Financial Solutions

Best Egg has carved a niche for itself with a streamlined and efficient loan approval process. When time is of the essence, Best Egg emerges as a go-to choice. Competitive APRs complement their efficient approach, ensuring that borrowers can access funds without delay. Best Egg caters to individuals who value prompt solutions without compromising on the quality of their lending experience. The synergy between efficiency and value is the hallmark of Best Egg's lending philosophy.

10. FreedomPlus: The Human Touch in Lending

FreedomPlus champions the human connection in lending, placing personalization and attentive customer service at the forefront. Their unsecured loans, characterized by fixed rates, offer borrowers stability and predictability. Beyond the financial aspect, FreedomPlus invests in understanding borrowers' needs and tailoring loan payment options that align with their unique circumstances. This personalized approach sets FreedomPlus apart, reminding borrowers that behind the numbers are individuals committed to their financial well-being.

Should you go with Unsecured Loans?

Unsecured loans have undoubtedly become a popular choice for individuals seeking financial assistance without the requirement of collateral. However, it's important to note that while unsecured loans offer convenience, they may not always be the best option for everyone. On the other hand, secured loans present an alternative avenue that can offer additional advantages, especially when considering factors such as loan terms, interest rates, and potential borrowing limits.

Speaking of Secured loans, Bright Money's Bright Builder stands out as a remarkable example of secured credit builder loans. With Bright Builder, individuals can access funds while simultaneously working to improve their credit scores. These loans are designed to help borrowers establish a positive credit history by responsibly managing the loan. This can be especially valuable for individuals aiming to enhance their financial credit profile and secure better terms for future loans.

Top 10  Unsecured Loans with Low APRs | Bright App to get out of Debt


An astounding 22.5 million consumers have at least one unsecured personal loan—a 12.9% increase from the previous year. Imagine you're sailing on a vast ocean of financial choices. In this big sea, unsecured loans with low Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) are like a safe and comforting harbor. These loans become a lifeline for those trying to manage their money amidst uncertain financial situations. The best part? You don't need to offer anything valuable as security.

As we've traveled through this article, we've shined a light on a carefully selected group of trustworthy lenders. They offer unsecured loans with low APRs that can catch your eye. Think of these lenders as stars in the sky that guide you on your journey. They help you choose the best option for your own unique situation.

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1. What's the advantage of a low APR?

A: A low APR means you'll pay less in interest over the life of the loan. It helps you save money and makes your monthly payments more affordable.

2. How do I apply for an unsecured loan?

A: Most lenders have online applications. You'll need to provide personal and financial information, and they'll assess if you qualify based on your credit and income.

3. Can I use the loan for anything I want?

A: Generally, yes. Unsecured loans are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as medical bills, home improvements, or debt consolidation.

4. Is there a limit to how much I can borrow?

A: The loan amount depends on the lender's policies and your creditworthiness. It's important to borrow only what you need and can comfortably repay.


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