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What is Bright?
How does Bright work?
Is Bright live? How do I join Bright?
What is the “Bright Stash Account”?
How does Bright know how much to pay?
Can I pause Bright?
How does Bright calculate average potential lifetime savings?
Why does Bright need my bank account and credit card information?
Which banks and credit cards are supported?
My card is not available on Bright. What should I do?
My bank is not available on Bright. What should I do?
Can Bright build my savings?
How do I delete my Bright account?
How do I contact Bright customer support?
Is Bright only for credit cards?
How does Bright build credit?
Can I build my savings with Bright?
Do I need a credit card to use Bright?
What is rainy day savings?
What is MoneyScience™?
What is the Bright Plan?
What are the advantages of a Bright Plan?
What does “Edit” in the Bright Plan do?
What does “Stash” mean?
What are “Assets”?
Can I add money to my Assets?
How can I create more Assets?
How much does Bright cost?

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