November 27, 2023

What are the Best Chase Credit Cards to Pay Off Debt or Invest?

Are you looking for the best Chase credit cards so that you can pay off debt or save? Then, look into the details and compare the best options to be a gainer.

If you are new to the credit card market and have spent a lot of time comparing your credit card options, you have probably found that Chase credit cards are the best options that come under the top list on the web. As Chase credit cards offer many flexible bonuses and lucrative earning rates on the market, you can expect generous welcome bonuses, top-notch rewards rates, and redemption offers.

If you want to know how to pay off credit card debt, several cash-back, rewards, and travel credit card options have made everyday spending and debt-paying issues easier than ever for cardholders. However, we have analyzed and curated a list of the very best Chase credit cards that fall under different categories and would be able to meet your needs. 

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The Best Chase Credit Cards To Pay Off Debt or Invest

If you are looking for the answer to paying off debt or saving, Chase credit cards offer a zero percent introductory APR. These cards can also help you to pay off your debt without charging a significant amount of interest. The best thing about Chase cards is they not only have cash-back credit card options, but you can avail of several built-in bonus categories, along with lots of values and flexibilities. It is proof why credit cards as a form of payment have increased up to 31% in 2022 compared to 2020

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred may charge you a premium annual fee, but it offers many flexible benefits. This card allows you to earn great rewards on dining. Also, you can get the chance to have a lot of travel protections.


  • Flexible points that are transferred to 14 different travel partners
  • Gain $50 annual statement credit on hotel bookings
  • This card offers valuable travel protections


  • A $95 annual fee is applicable
  • Category bonuses are limited
  • The Transfer partners list is limited, too

When to Use:

It is ideal for paying off debt due to its flexible points system that can be redeemed to alleviate travel expenses or to invest. The card's dining rewards can also be used to offset expenses while focusing on reducing debt.

2. Chase Sapphire Reserve®

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® gives lots of luxury travel benefits. Elite cardholders can also easily transfer their points to Chase airline and hotel partners. They can even book great travel offers through the Chase portal and 50% more value for their earned rewards. Bonus points on travel purchases and other spending can also be availed of with this card. 


  • Offer premium travel benefits
  • $300 flexible travel credit cancels can be done
  • Points can be easily transferred to different airlines and hotel partners
  • Travels can be booked with a 50% bonus
  • Earns bonus rewards on different travel purchases


  • A $550 annual fee is applicable. 
  • Requires excellent credit for the card. 
  • Only 1x points can be earned on different non-bonus purchases

When to Use:

Best utilized for investing due to its luxury travel benefits and premium rewards. While the high annual fee might not be ideal for debt repayment, the card's travel-centric perks can enhance investment opportunities, especially for frequent travelers seeking high-value rewards.

3. Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

There are different business owners who wants to track various reward categories. The Ink Business Cash Credit Card allows you to earn exceptional cash-back rewards in diverse areas, such as typical office spending, and you can also experience different elevated rewards in other and common business areas. Also, you can expect to have a larger-than-average welcome bonus, along with travel and purchase coverages. 


  • No annual fee 
  • Rich rewards rate in different areas
  • Employee cards can be availed of at no additional cost
  • Chance to earn $900 bonus cash back after a spend of $6,000 in the first 3 months 
  • 5% cash back earnings on the first $25,000 spent


  • A foreign transaction fee is applicable
  • Bonus categories are capped at $25,000
  • Lack of rewards outside the bonus categories.

When to Use:

It is suited for paying off debt and investing, particularly for business owners. Its robust cash-back rewards in various business-related categories can assist in debt reduction while accumulating cash back for potential investment.

4. Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

The Ink Business Unlimited gives you a generous $900 cash back on spending $6,000 in the first three months. Using this card, you can also get the chance to maximize the benefits to a significant level. 


  • No annual fee 
  • Flat 1.5% cash back on all category purchases
  • Primary insurance can be availed of for car rentals
  • 0% introductory APR for the first 12 months, and then a variable of 18.49% - 24.49% is applied


  • Need to spend more to receive a huge sign-up bonus
  • No conversion of the Chase points without holding specific cards
  • No travel protections are offered

When to Use:

Primarily beneficial for debt repayment due to its flat cash-back rewards on all purchases. The absence of an annual fee and a 0% introductory APR can aid in managing existing debt efficiently before considering investment options.

5. United Gateway℠ Card

The United Gateway℠ Card is an excellent option for gas refilling as it offers 2 miles per $1 spent at gas stations. This card is also an excellent choice for infrequent flyers who want to gain rewards for some extra miles and flights. Cardholders even get the chance to have a 25% discount on in-flight purchases. 


  • No annual fee is required
  • Comes with excellent travel purchase coverage
  • Offer great APR offers for different purchases


  • Only allows to earn 1x miles on the regular spending
  • The bonus offer is not sufficient for a round-trip flight

When to Use:

While it's a favorable choice for gas station expenses and occasional flyers, it might not directly align with debt repayment strategies. However, the card's travel purchase coverage can indirectly support investment by potentially reducing travel expenses, allowing additional funds for investment.


When offering value-added services to personal and professional users, Chase credit cards are the best ones to consider. If you want to pay off debt or save, you can have many notable credit cards and many benefits with Chase.

However, if you are ready to decide on the best Chase credit card and want to know whether it is worthy of you or not, you have to evaluate your own financial needs and get the chance to make a better and final decision.

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1. Which Chase credit card is best?

There’s no single Chase credit card that will be best for all. Everyone has different needs. So, based on your preferences and spending habits, you can pick the right card you are looking for. Luckily, the Chase cards are very easy to use, and you can easily have multiple cards in your wallet.

2. How can you apply for a Chase credit card?

If you want to apply for any of the Chase credit cards mentioned on this list, you can easily click on the card’s name, and you will be taken to the page for more details. Then, simply follow the instructions on the screen, and then you can complete and submit your credit card application.

3. How many number of Chase credit cards can you have at once?

There is no official number limit on one person's Chase cards, as Chase has not announced anything like that. However, Chase does not even limit the amount of total credit. However, as a general rule, one person will be approved for one business card and one personal card within 90 days. 

4. What credit score do you need to get a Chase credit card?

Well, Chase has not published an official statement about the score to get approval for the credit card, but according to the latest data, a score of 670 will be needed to get the approval. In addition, for the rewards credit cards, you need a credit score of at least 720-plus.

5. What is the process to activate your Chase credit card? 

If you want to activate the Chase credit card, you can make a call to the number that is present on the back of the card. If you have an online account with Chase, you can also get the chance to activate the credit card online.


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