November 23, 2023

What is the Best Credit Card in your 20s?

Are you a young, working professional looking for a credit card in your 20s? Explore the best options and choose the right ones to meet your needs.

Is there something special about owning a credit card? Well, in the 20s, when individuals own a credit card, it feels like they have all grown up. You might have watched your seniors or parents use it with their names on the cards, which might be your wish, too. 

So, if you have a job, it is time to make your long-standing wish come true. However, there are many queries regarding credit cards. For example, which are the best, and what benefits can you avail of using a credit card? How can these cards help you to build your credit score? 

But before we get into the topic, it is recommended that you first read about “Top 19 Credit Cards to Boost Credit in 2023!" in detail by Bright Money! 

Here, we will discuss those things to identify the right one that will truly work for you and meet your requirements as a young and new credit cardholder.

Which types of Credit Cards should you opt for in your 20s?

The best credit card for you in your 20s will depend on your financial situation, spending habits, and goals. There are different types, such as student credit cards, secured credit cards, travel rewards cards, credit building cards, store credit cards, and more. So you can pick the right type just as you need it.

  1. Chime Secured Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card
  2. Wells Fargo Active Cash® Credit Card
  3. Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  4. Chase Freedom® Student Credit Card
  5. Visa Platinum Credit Card from HSBC
  6. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express
  7. Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card
  8. Citibank Secured Cashback Mastercard®

1. Chime Secured Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card

This Chime Secured Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card has many of the best things you can not deny, such as:

  • A minimum deposit requirement
  • There are no extra charges
  • There is no need to pay an annual fee or interest
  • And there is no requirement for a credit check
  • Using this card, you can also automate your payments. But you must be a Chime banking customer to get the card and avail of all the facilities

2. Wells Fargo Active Cash® Credit Card

Are you looking for an excellent cashback credit card besides improving your credit history? Then, all you need is a Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card. 

  • This credit card allows you to earn an unlimited 2% back on all purchases
  • In addition, you can score a generous sign-up bonus
  • Other than these, this card has a $0 annual fee
  • The APR rate is between 22.99% and 25.99%, which mainly varies with credit score

3. Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

Are you a person who is dead-set against paying a huge or even nominal annual fee for using credit cards? Then, you can easily consider the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card. Though the card offers a lower cashback rate on entertainment and dining expenses than others, the rewards you want to take advantage of are pretty lucrative. Also, you can have:

  • A quite decent sign-up bonus is offered, as well as a great rewards rate
  • An annual fee of $95
  • You can choose between $10 and 3% on each cash advance
  • The APR rate varies from 15.99% to 21.49%

4. Chase Freedom® Student Credit Card

The Chase Freedom Flex℠ card offers quarterly bonus cash back on categories like travel, restaurants, and drugstores. It is a travel card for students with lots of features and flexibility. Here, you can avail of facilities such as:

  • Annual Fee $0
  • Depending on the transaction amount, you can pay $10 or 5%
  • APR is variable, but approx 14.99%
  • Each foreign transaction is charged 3%

5. Visa Platinum Credit Card from HSBC

Do you find the annual and renewal fees on credit cards an extra burden? Then, the HSBC Visa Platinum card is highly ideal for you. It offers 

  • Zero joining, annual, and renewal fees
  • There are two reward points for every ₹150 spent
  • 15% off on dining at its partner restaurants
  • More rewards and offers are available for spending more on the card

6. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

If you need to spend a lot on groceries, gas, and streaming services, this Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express is only for you. The rewards you can receive with this card are mainly for the categories spent on U.S. supermarkets and some selected streaming services. 

  • New cardholders also receive a decent welcome offer with this card along with an introductory 0% APR, but then it varies from 13.99% to 23.99%
  • Annual Fee is $0 and then $95
  • A foreign transaction fee of 2.7%

7. Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card

If you are a student seeking a card with lots of benefits, this credit card from Bank of America is just perfect with - 

  • No annual fees with up to 33% cashback
  • $200 online cash rewards bonus once you purchase a minimum of $1,000 after the first 90 days of account opening
  • APR is 13.99% to 23.99%
  • 3% foreign transaction fees

8. Citibank Secured Cashback Mastercard®

As the name defines, this Citibank cash back Master credit card offers excellent cash back on almost every transaction. The features belonging to this card are -

  • An annual fee of ₹500 is applicable, but there is no joining fee
  • New cardholders also get to make additional savings worth Rs. 3,300
  • 0.5% cash back on all other transactions
  • APR is 22.49%
  • The Foreign Transaction Fee is 3%


Do you know that the global credit card payment market is projected to reach $1.12 trillion by 2032? In conclusion, we have gathered some of the best credit cards to build credit in 2023, through which you can achieve many positive results. Also, these advanced credit cards offer a diverse array of choices where each card is designed and specifically provided to empower individuals on their excellent credit-building journeys.

A credit card is an excellent way to build and maintain a good credit score. Using the card wisely lets you manage your finances better. So, if you are thinking about obtaining a good credit card, you can easily choose from this list and save more on your expenses.

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1. Should I get a credit card in my 20s?

Yes, you should get a credit card in your 20s. If you don't have a good credit history, getting such a card can help you establish a strong profile in the long run. It will add value to your financial issues, and you can get the favor when renting an apartment or the talk about applying for a mortgage loan.

2. 4 Best credit cards for a 21-year-old?

Though there are so many cards considered as best options for a 21-year-old, you can pick the four best ones; for example: 

Discover it® Cash Back with Cash Back feature on everyday purchases.

Discover it® Chrome with Flexible cash back rewards.

Chase Freedom Unlimited® with Gas cash back feature.

Discover it®: Student Cash Back with the best Flat-rate cash back rewards.

3. What credit should a 25-year-old have?

Experts say that the average credit score of a 25-year-old is generally 660. Though the credit score is variable, from the first credit you avail of, you can get the chance to slowly build up a good score based on your credit activity.

4. Is it bad to have 3 credit cards at 20?

No, there is nothing bad in it. There is no predetermined limit on the set number of your credit cards, but in total, having less than five credit accounts makes it tough to score well, and this act makes you less attractive to lenders.

5. What is the minimum salary for a credit card?

On average, the minimum income requirement should be between Rs 1,44,000 and Rs 25,00,000 annually for salaried and self-employed persons to have a credit card. You might be asked to submit your latest Income Tax Returns copy as income proof during the application.


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